Customs Releases 4 Stranded Soybean Containers At Port Qasim

The customs authorities in Karachi released four out of nine stuck-up consignments of imported soybean and poultry feed on Tuesday.

The consignment was seized in November last year in the absence of the NOCs from the Department of Plant Protection (DPP).

FBR officials told ProPakistani that out of 9 consignments, 4 were stuck with Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement (East) Karachi and 5 with the Customs authorities of Port Qasim. The Customs department was waiting for the NOCs from the Department of Plant Protection (DPP), which have now been received.

According to the sources, one consignment of imported soybean, and poultry feed has been partially released by Port Qasim. The remaining consignments are in the deep sea and would also be released after reaching Port Qasim and processing of the documents including NOCs from the DPP. On the other hand, the MCC Appraisement (East) Karachi has completed the process for the release of the said stuck-up consignments.

The FTO had taken suo moto notice of the issue and in December ordered to issue approval of deliberate release on a one-time basis as a special case under Rule 20(2) of Biosafety Rules, 2005. Furthermore, the FTO had directed the Director General DPP and Collector Customs Karachi to coordinate with each other for the immediate release of the consignments after receiving this approval from the Ministry of Climate Change.

The Law Ministry advised releasing the consignments because the licenses for the import of soybean could not be reviewed due to the negligence of the government, leading to the violation of processes of both the Ministry of Climate Change and DPP.

The Pakistan Poultry Association had filed a complaint with the FTO against the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation Customs, Karachi, for the release of stuck-up consignments of imported Soyabean at Port Qasim.

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  • After so much deliberation and piling up of demurrages charges, govt. has finally decided to let go of their stance. Months wasted, billions of rupees spent extra by people on poultry, thousands of dollars wasted on demurrages charges, all because of late action of government.
    This is just one case. If all such inefficiencies of govt. are solved, we would never need any IMF bailout package.
    The biggest enemy of our economy is our inefficiency.

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