Govt to Sell 30 Million Energy Efficient Fans to Citizens to Save 5,000MW Electricity

The government’s big plan to change old fans across the country with 30 million energy-efficient fans is nearing implementation.

The price of an energy-efficient fan has been fixed at Rs. 6,669 and will be sold at a flat 17 percent interest rate to consumers, according to official documents seen by ProPakistani. The documents said interest charges of 17 percent will roughly be equivalent to Rs. 969.

Consumers will be able to pay for the fans via installments which will be included in their electricity bills, while the old fans will be adjusted for Rs. 1,800 per piece upon replacement.

According to the document, each fan installed can save up to Rs. 4,666 in electricity bills (per year) per consumer. The government intends to replace 30,000,000 old fans with new energy-efficient models, potentially saving around 5,000MW of electricity.

The nationwide fan replacement project will be completed in 2 phases. In the first phase, fans will be distributed through the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). Then in the second and final phase, the old fans of all consumers will be replaced with new ones.

The energy-efficient fans will be supplied via utility stores and offices of electricity distribution companies.

    • Dear koi to achha kam hone den. Har kam par tanqeed. Aap ko pata he aik fan kitne ka atta he? Agar market rate se sasta mile ga to is main million of bucks kahan se aayen he? Pls sahih ko sahih kahen

      • Bhai, jo paisa fans pe lgana hai, us se power project lga ln, aur vesy b ye konsa free de rhy hn,

      • یہ اچھا کام فری کرنے لگے ہیں جو ان پر اس لئے بات نا کی جائے؟

      • Sasta ghtya quality sy ayega. Bhai apko kya pata nhe k yahan IK se ly kr NS, BB, FR….ECT sub apny liye atay hain, awam jaay bharr mei, awam toh khud corupt ha, frm bijli chori to najaiz tajawuzat to kachra sahi jga p na phenkna to road kinary pishi krna.

  • I am sure govt. must have finalised the sale price after considering bulk production cost advantage of 30million fans.

  • Rs. 4666 saved per year! But what does that actually mean in Unit terms?

    Since we all know that, the cost of per UNIT increases almost every other day.

    How many units would these new energy efficient Fans consume per year compared to convential ones?

  • Have anyone remember the same scheme like this initiated back in 2015 for replacement bulbs with energy savers?
    Same will be happen to this project as well.

  • No doubt this scheme is a bold step towards cutting short fuel imports bill, for more public awareness the writer shall provide comparison of these power efficient fans with old fans, also your research findings will be welcome about a doubt expressed by an expert electrical engineer that “these inverter fans have short life due to poor quality (frequent variations in frequency, voltage, and power factor).

  • This statement that three
    million energy efficient fan will save 5000 MW is not correct. Please base you justification on realisticl data of power consumption of energy efficient and non energy efficient fans. Please, don’t ignore the cost of capital to produce three million fans. Also, the negative points of energy efficient fan may also kept in view. Non energy efficient fans give years of year service without any maintenance problems. The cost of maintenance service that will also be burden on national resources should also be kept in mind. Further, what additional component are required for manufacturing of energy efficient fans will have to be imported and will be a additional burden on national resources.

    • Very appropriate observations. These need to be considered before knee jerk decisions.
      organisations like EDB, CCP, etc. need to play their role and function.
      The benefitting and affected public needs to know more.
      Moreover, why not extend this same scheme to small solar installations, if energy saving is the real motive.
      ProPakistan, please remain pro citizen and inform us when you get more details. You have several good comments to start your inquiry.

  • Credible as it appears:
    1.Which progeny of the corrupt has devised this plan to fill their already bursting pockets ?
    2. Who owns or has shares in the company or companies that are the manufacturers ?
    3. What are the technical features of such fans ?
    4. What form of QA and standards are being adopted, and amongst all the dubious standards certification bodies we have, who will be checking and ensuring compliance?

  • What are the specifications of these so called efficient Fans? Most of the large scale Fan manufacturers in Pakistan already make and market electricity efficient Fans. Also why Interest is being demanded even on this small amount from the people when it’s forbidden in Islam. Finally which favorite is getting this lucrative deal?
    A lot of questions which need to be answered.

  • Well if government is really sincere to save energy through new type of fans replacing with old fans than govt should come forward with easy procedural way out. Also nominate sales representatives at common market.

  • The old fans consume 120 to 180 watts of electricity, whereas, the energy efficient fans consume 40 to 80 watts of electricity. By replacing, a common can also save electricity and resulting less bill.

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