Solar Energy Users Saved Over Rs. 100 Million in Lahore

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has reported a significant boost in the electricity units being generated through solar power net-metering connections.

In one month, a whopping 31,500,000 electricity units have been added to the system, as more consumers switch to solar energy in the metropolis.

This shift towards renewable energy has not only helped the environment but has benefited the consumers themselves. According to reports, consumers have experienced a relief of approximately Rs. 100 million in their electricity bills, simply by generating electricity through solar panels.

The surplus electricity generated by the solar systems has been sold to LESCO, giving a financial incentive for consumers to use this clean and sustainable energy source.

Under the net-metering initiative, consumers have received connections from LESCO, and bi-directional meters have been installed to facilitate the purchase and sale of electricity.

This innovative approach is set to revolutionize the energy sector in Lahore and beyond, providing a model for how renewable energy can be adopted on a large scale.

Via 24News

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  • I don’t know where in Lahore these so called people are that are using solar panels to generate electricity but it’s definitely not anywhere near I live that is for sure there are very few people that can do this honestly because of how expensive solar technology is in Pakistan sounds fake

    • Finally you have spoken the truth these articles are mostly fake . People from Lahore have spoken the truth

    • Most of these systems are installed in DHA, EME and other rich localaties in Lahore. You are right solar technology is very expensive but if someone could afford then it’s the way to go for sure.

  • Solar system is very useful, it is win,win win for envirment, for you and for the distribution company. I have a solar system and did not pay in last four years for the electricity. I am living in EME lahore.

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