Punjab Food Department Discovers 66,000 Kg of Flour in Rawalpindi

In a crackdown on hoarders, the Punjab Food Department searched Rawalpindi on Saturday and confiscated nearly 66,000 kg of stockpiled wheat flour. The food department is monitoring supplies and providing aid to residents by employing its tracking system.

During the operations, the deputy director of the food department discovered hoarded wheat flour in godowns and charged six people.

A flour mill was also shut down. The retrieved flour will be made accessible to the public at a certain price set by the government.

In response to the severe wheat scarcity, the Punjab food department recently decided to investigate flour mill data.

They requested three months of documents from flour retailers and dealers to assess if government-supplied flour was reaching the shops since shopkeepers had reported a shortage. This measure has provided the department with a clear picture of flour distribution in the region.

  • Most of flour sumggled in inter city transport system, goods forwarding agencies especially to kpk , hazara etc. No cheeqs & balance seen. Flours mills on GT road and near motorway involved in this scam. Our local administration keen to photo shoot with 50 or 100 bags of flour they secised and that’s all.

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