UAE and Saudi Arabia May Grant Citizenship to Expats Soon

The Economist, in its latest report, has predicted that UAE and Saudi Arabia may soon grant citizenship to ex-pats, as both countries prepare for an oil-free future.

UAE alone is home to around 90% (10 million) expat population, many of whom have been residing in the country for several years without citizenship. It even hopes to attract an additional 3-5 million people in the future.

As UAE and Saudi Arabia move away from oil, the report stresses, expats may start demanding more rights, including the right to citizenship.

Both UAE and Saudi Arabia currently produce 14 million barrels of oil per day, but it’s likely to change, making it important to adapt to an oil-free economy.

For instance, Saudi women weren’t allowed to drive but now they can. This has increased the female workforce from 17% in 2017 to 37% this year. Similarly, restaurants have also been permitted to play music.

As Gulf countries transition away from oil, providing citizenship to expats may become an important strategy to attract and retain a foreign workforce.

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  • There is nothing to back this article up. It is pure speculation and wishful thinking by the writer. Absolutely poor journalism.

  • But these countries are not reliable in what they say n what they do plus their rules are always changing not like Foreign countries once a Rule made it never what is the guarantee for that .

  • Good News, from last many yesrs we were waiting to hear this.
    Hope starts very soon

  • Clickbait article. Poor journalism. What’s your next article going to be; They found water on the Sun and we would all be moving there soon?

  • insha’Allah they will do that and it will more advantage also for these countries because many experience and highly professional going to other countries from gulf for that reason that’s why the professionals have spent to serve many years in gulf but they cannot get citizenship right then they think how more time they can live here without any personal family life and what’s there child future in these conditions so for solving it they leave are planning for that.

  • Will be thankful if the government gives at least a life

    long visa to expats living in UAE for over 30 years.

  • should I be hopeful of getting citizenship of KSA as I am working in a software company here?

  • close