TikTok Series Allows Creators to Earn Money With Longer Videos

TikTok reigns supreme as the top platform for short-form content. While Reels on Facebook/Instagram and YouTube’s Shorts have made attempts to challenge its dominance, none have succeeded in dethroning TikTok.

The app continues to introduce new features that benefit both creators and users of the platform and now it has announced TikTok Series as a new tool for creators to monetize their content. This change will allow creators to earn more.

TikTok Series enables creators to publish videos as part of a series or collection, which will be accessible only to paying subscribers. The unique aspect of this feature is that creators can upload longer videos.

Currently, the platform permits 10-minute videos, but with the TikTok Series, creators can post videos up to 20 minutes long. Additionally, each collection can contain up to 80 videos, providing creators with an opportunity to produce and showcase short web series on their profiles.

Undoubtedly, TikTok Series is a valuable tool for creators, but the platform acknowledges the potential for abuse and has thus restricted the feature to a select group of creators. While the company intends to expand the feature to more creators in the future, no specific timeline has been provided.

Furthermore, as the Series feature is still in its early stages, the platform will closely monitor it and make adjustments based on feedback received.

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