Infrastructure Summit to Take Place in Karachi

InfraZamin Pakistan, in collaboration with Nutshell Group, is organizing the Infrastructure Summit 2023 ‘Building for Impact’ on March 14 at a local hotel in Karachi.

With international speakers and representation of public and private institutions, this summit is focused on exploring the best financing possible for the required infrastructure of projects in Pakistan.

InfraZamin Pakistan is an innovative and for-profit credit enhancement platform that enables the realization of a vision through the best possible financial scaffolding. It is designed to issue guarantees for supporting and promoting state-of-the-art, infrastructure projects. 

Infrazamin also hosted the webinar ‘Adapting to Climate Change in September 2022 focused on rehabilitation in Pakistan post the damaging floods and brought in a diverse group of leaders whose support and collaboration helped many projects.

Today, in the face of the recent economic downturn, the need for such gatherings is much larger now. Along with addressing the displacement of 30 million+ people, the right infrastructure is integral to a safe future. The Summit 2023 is therefore focused on Building for Impact. 

“Decades of policy neglect are now catching up. Add climate change to the mix – no wonder the outlook is grim without serious course correction now!” said Maheen Rehman, CEO InfraZamin. 

Talking about InfraZamin’s work, Founder & CEO, Nutshell Group, former Minister of State & Chairman of the Board of Investment, Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, said, “Whom to partner with, and how to take this forward is a huge debate and needs discussion at the highest platforms for concrete steps.

Pakistan’s economy and welfare depend on solid support for the planning and implementation of strategies. A good blueprint equipped with financial feasibility will change the game,” he added.

Infrastructure Summit 2023 will highlight the importance of sustainable infrastructure development across the country and the opportunities for raising funds. It will bring together thought leaders and experts from relevant industries to explore and discuss the best way forward. 

The summit will be attended by the Governor, of the State Bank of Pakistan, M. Jameel Ahmad, who will be speaking about Sustainable Infrastructure Financing.

The Chairman, of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Akif Saeed, will also be speaking about emphasizing the need for Developing Capital Market Ecosystems for Sustainable Infrastructure Funding.

There will be an in-depth Conversation with Andrew Bainbridge, Chair, of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG), on Lessons from the PIDG Experience on Blended Finance’.

PIDG has mobilized almost USD 40 Billion of private sector and development finance funds to close 190 projects in over 50 countries and provide over 200 million people with access to improved infrastructure.

An additional array of distinguished thought leaders will be debating on a diverse range of topics along the theme Building for Impact. 

They include Layth Al-Falaki, Chief Executive Officer, GuarantCo, Maheen Rehman, Chief Executive Officer, InfraZamin, Jo Moir, Development Director, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Zafar Masud, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Bank of Punjab, and Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi, Chief Executive Officer, K-Electric.

Karen Tsang-Hounsell, Head of Business Development, InfraCo Asia, Naz Khan, Principal Country Officer, International Finance Corporation Pakistan, Yasir Qadri, Chief Executive Officer, UBL Fund Managers & Farrukh H. Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Pakistan Stock Exchange, will also be a part of the key deliberation.

The finale will be a keynote by the eminent Chairperson, Pakistan Stock Exchange, SSGC, and Karandaaz, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar.