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Motorcycle and Rickshaw Owners to Get Subsidized Petrol Under New Scheme

Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif, on Monday, took a significant step towards alleviating the burden on the lower and middle-income groups by announcing that the federal government will offer subsidized petrol to motorcyclists and rickshaw drivers.

In a high-level meeting focused on measures to mitigate the impact of inflation on these income classes, PM Shehbaz emphasized the government’s commitment to easing the difficulties faced by these groups.

During the meeting, a relief program for motorcyclists and rickshaw drivers was proposed and approved. Besides, different relief proposals were also discussed during the meeting.

The PM decided to implement the program and directed relevant officers to finalize and submit it, as the government is determined to protect low and middle-income groups against inflation by taking all possible steps.

Besides, PM Shehbaz also approved a package for the supply of free flour for the poor during Ramadan. The premier stated that free flour will be distributed to 10.58 million households across Punjab from 25 Sha’ban to 25 Ramadan.

To ensure the effective distribution of flour, the Prime Minister directed that 8,500 utility stores should be utilized, and an additional 20,000 distribution points should be established for public convenience.

  • It is a good initiative if it is properly managed. But how the things are going on right now, it is a distant reality. There should be a quota for them otherwise the rich will use the motorcycles to abuse this facility. Proper check and balance required. It will be a cross subsidy sort of mechanism. higher for cars and others, lower for bikes and ricks. In my opinion the rates should be based on usage basis.

    • اس خاندانی چور کی باتوں پر صرف عقل سے فارغ لوگ ہی یقین کریں گے اتنے برے حالات میں بھی اس شوباز نے آپنے منہوس بیٹے کے کاروبار کے لیے سولر پلیٹس سستی کی ٹیکس معاف کیا اور جب اس بے غیرت بیٹے کا کاروبار سیٹ ہوگیا تو دوبارہ ٹیکس لگا دیا یہ دلوں کا خاندان آگر عوام کو سبسڈی دے ہی نہیں سکتا ہاں اگر ان کا زاتی فائیدہ ہوا تو شائید ممکن ہو

  • Good Initiative but hum sub Pakistani choor hain bike ma petrol dalwa dalwa ka uska nika ka car ma use karna shuru kar dayn ga

  • Monthly 1 ya 2 tank for bike for the save of cheating, computerize huna chaye kisi b pump se patrol dalwao litres allot huna chaye 1 din ma use kero ya 1 month ma

  • Another stupidity, let the people survive on real cost, just see reduction of fuel usage due to cost, people are surviving. GoP has enough on its head related to energy sector never ending circular debt and external loans to pay… IMF is doing right to make Pakistan on its knees, because they will only learn the hard way… Live within means

  • Why free flour is distributed to10.58 million households across Punjab? Showbaz is a prime minister of Pakistan or only for Punjab?
    Who is the beneficial owner of this scheme who hold flour Mills in Punjab?

  • Lootney ka nya tariqa ho ga yeh.
    Yeh subsidy srif naam ki hai.awaam ko chona laga rahey hain yeh loog daba kar.

  • Made fool again, when Petroleum price rise every commodity price rise,
    Can govt subsidies
    Oil & Ghee
    Local transport
    Rail Ticket

  • برباد گلستاں کیلئے ایک ہی الو کافی تھا
    ہر شاخ پہ الو بیٹھا ہے انجام گلستاں کیا ہو گا

  • یہ ان سے نہیں ہوگا۔ فضول لوگوں کو بے وقوف بنا رہے ہیں۔

  • Instead of wasting ink on publishing corrupt politicians’ false promises, CARBASE can focus on better news stories i.e in this unending inflation how to cope with transportation, etc.

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