ChatGPT Goes Down For An Hour, Kicked Out Premium Users

Earlier today on March 20, ChatGPT, the extensively used AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, encountered an unforeseen one-hour service interruption. It is probable that the surge in demand caused ChatGPT to fluctuate, resulting in instability.

As a result, users were unable to access the platform, and even premium users were unable to utilize the popular AI service. According to user reports garnered at Down Detector the outage started around 1 PM and peaked at 2:26 PM today with thousands of reports from around the globe. The issue was mostly resolved around 3 PM.

The ChatGPT crash had an adverse impact on many who rely on the platform for their daily work. As you may be aware, the platform frequently becomes inaccessible due to an increase in demand. However, users who want to continue using it during peak hours can sign up for the Premium plan, which costs $20 per month.

Unfortunately, even the premium plan did not help customers during the disruption.

ChatGPT Premium subscribers were unable to access any of the exclusive features they had paid for, resulting in a surge of complaints across numerous online forums. Although the problem was resolved within an hour, OpenAI did not provide any comments regarding the matter or disclose the cause of the issue.