Meta is Bringing ‘Turbocharged’ AI to WhatsApp and Instagram

On Monday, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta will intensify its use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology with a new team. The team’s aim is to equip WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram with AI.

While artificial intelligence technology has been in existence for several years, Meta Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun has already made significant contributions to the field. In fact, he received the computing industry’s top prize, the Turing Award, for pioneering the neural network technology that underpins much of today’s advanced AI work.

Recently, AI has garnered fresh attention, particularly with the emergence of ChatGPT and other “generative” AI technology that can generate realistic-sounding text, create novel imagery, and perform other creative tasks.

According to a Facebook post by Zuckerberg, Meta intends to leverage AI technology further in its products by creating a centralized product team that consolidates AI work from different departments.

Zuckerberg outlined the company’s first objective, which is to enhance “creative and expressive tools” by utilizing generative AI. In the long run, Meta aims to develop AI personas that can assist users in various ways.

Text-based experiences, such as chats on WhatsApp and Messenger, image-based experiences like Instagram filters and ad formats, and video and multi-modal experiences are all areas that Meta is currently exploring with AI technology.

Meta says:

We believe that the entire AI community — academic researchers, civil society, policymakers and industry — must work together to develop clear guidelines around responsible AI in general and responsible large language models in particular.

It is unclear exactly what AI features we are going to get and we will likely have to wait for finer details.

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