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Minor Battery Damage Can Break an Electric Car: Report

Many electric vehicles (EV) makers cannot repair or assess even slightly damaged battery packs after accidents. This causes insurance firms to write off cars with few kilometers, raising premiums and negating gains from adopting electric cars.

In certain countries, battery packs are piling up in scrapyards, exposing a costly issue. “We’re buying electric automobiles for sustainability,” Thatcham Research’s Matthew Avery stated. Yet, throwing away the battery after a minor accident makes EVs unsustainable. Battery packs cost thousands of dollars and make up approximately 50% of an EV’s costs, making replacement uneconomical.

Tesla Model Y has a ‘structural’ battery pack that, according to the experts, has “zero repairability.” According to Reuters, low-mileage zero-emission cars are increasingly being written off with minor damage.

According to the experts, Tesla’s decision to make battery packs a part of the car’s body has saved production costs but also made the car irreparable. Insurers and industry experts warned that as EV sales rise and more low-mileage cars are discarded after incidents, already-high insurance prices will rise.

Ford and GM promote their updated, repairable packs. Experts stated the Model Y’s new, huge 4,680 cells are fused into a pack that forms part of the car’s construction and cannot be readily removed or replaced.

Musk claimed in January that Tesla has been making design and software modifications to minimize repair costs and insurance prices.