Pakistan Strangely Declared as the Cheapest Country to Live in the World

At a time when crippling inflation is breaking records every week, Numbeo, the world’s largest cost of living database, has declared Pakistan as the cheapest country to live in the world.

According to Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index by Country 2023, Pakistan is ranked at the last place on its Cost of Living Index, strangely making it the cheapest country to live in the world.

With a Cost of Living Index score of 18, Pakistan has been ranked 140th on Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index.

A breakdown of Pakistan’s overall score shows that the country’s Rent Index score is 3.4. The Cost of Living Plus Rent Index score of Pakistan is 11. Pakistan’s Groceries Index score is 15.4, Restaurant Price Index is 13.7, and Local Purchasing Power Index score is 24.4.

Here are the ten 10 cheapest countries in the world.

Country Cost of Living Index Rank
Pakistan 18 1st
Egypt 21.6 2nd
India 22.4 3rd
Colombia 23.1 4th
Libya 24.2 5th
Nepal 24.8 6th
Sri Lanka 25.3 7th
Ukraine 25.6 8th
Kyrgyzstan 25.9 9th
Syria 26.1 10th


  • that doesn’t make sense at all. Vehicles, Fuel , Electricity , one of the highest in the world . Real estate, rentals also very expensive

    • Actually its really not expensive. The problem is that due to weak economic state people don’t have any buying power. For example, you can buy a banana at an airport for 1 dollar. For the same price you can buy 6 top quality bananas in big cities of Pakistan during this Ramazan. But majority of people don’t even earn an equivalent of 10 dollars per day. So that means it is very hard to pay for even the low rent and buying groceries for 3 meals. New clothes, eating out and tourism are only for the wealthy.
      In other countries, 10 dollars can be earned in one or two hours only.

    • are you a kid, DON’T you Know how the prices work due to low incomes we as Pakistani feel inflation but people who earn their pay in dollars they don’t so its the same for them even if the dollar rate goes up

    • Fuel and electricity are definitely not on the higher side compared to the world. We get subsidized fuel, imagine what the cost would be if we didn’t. The calculations are also not based on the cost of luxury goods my friend.

  • I think BD should have been included as 2nd . I recently went there and found prices almost the same as Pakistan’s

  • Not strange at all… its easy to figure out after you’ve lived in a few countries and then land in Pakistan… its like manna and blessings for peanuts all over…

  • It is the afact but no eourpen USA UK person like to live and enjoy this luxury.

  • It must be comparative with per capita earning and the purchase power of pk Rupee.

  • Thats for people earning outside pakistan. It doesn’t relate to the lively hood of people earning in pak.

  • But is it worth living anymore especially when one is also earning in local currency with such high inflation rates. Not to forget the worst kind of law and order situation it’s facing

  • Mere khayal se ye sab parliament ki Cafeteria price list k mutabiq huwa. Ye poll wala local market nahi gaya ..

  • Don’t know the criteria of survey, have you met with the people in very miserable condition and unable to buy even daily food?

  • The thing here to understand is that pakistan is expensive because because of low value of rupee compared to dollar. If tommarrow the value of Rupee increases Pakistan will no longer be an expensive country.

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