Easy Alternatives to H-1B Visa to Migrate to the US

The H-1B visa program has been a popular option for foreign nationals to enter the US job market. However, due to the limited number of visas issued each year, the competition is tough, and the process is becoming increasingly difficult.

US Immigration Lawyer, Robert Webber, has projected that this year is likely to be the worst year in history for the H-1B cap lottery, with applications expected to reach up to 500,000 for only 85,000 approvals.

Despite these challenges, there are alternatives available for those who fail to get an H-1B visa. The first option is the non-cap H-1B visa, which enables American employers to recruit foreigners with specialized skills, avoiding the H-1B limit and the lottery procedure.

According to Robert, the medical field is especially appealing because many employers are exempt from the H-1B limit. Higher education institutions, non-profit organizations affiliated with higher education institutions, and non-profit or government research organizations are also exempt.

Another option suggested by Robert is going to university in Australia or Canada and becoming a citizen of these countries. This is because nationals of Australia and Canada have access to special US work visas that are not available to citizens of other countries. These work visas include the E-3 visa for Australian citizens and the TN visa for Canadian citizens.

While this option may require a significant amount of time and effort, it can be a practical solution for individuals who have exhausted other options and are struggling to secure an H-1B visa.

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