Indian Doctor Suspended for Racism Against Pakistani Colleague in UK

Dr. Colathor Eshwari, a UK’s National Health Services (NHS) doctor, has been suspended for six months because of being accused of making insulting remarks regarding pork to a Muslim colleague, named only as Dr. A, when they were living in Wye Valley NHS Trust-provided housing in November 2019.

The occurrences occurred shortly after they both started working at Hereford County Hospital. Dr. Eshwari, who is from India, was accused of muttering to Dr. A about pork, which Muslims do not consume, as well as urging her not to ‘dirty’ the kettle when Dr. A was filling it with mineral water.

Dr. Eshwari’s actions were described as a ‘racist attack’ by an anonymous female colleague from Pakistan.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal determined that Dr. Eshwari’s conduct was ‘deplorable’ and amounted to ‘severe’ misconduct. As per the General Medical Council, Dr. Eshwari had the potential to cause offense and shown hostility because of Dr. A’s race or religion.

At the hearing, Dr. Eshwari rejected the claims, but the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service deemed them to be genuine. Dr. Eshwari was suspended from the register for six months after the panel determined that her eligibility to practice was compromised due to misconduct.

As per the details, Dr. A stated that Dr. Eshwari refused to provide her name before mumbling under her breath, ‘porky sausages’. Dr. A returned to her room, but Dr. Eshwari kept repeating ‘porky sausages’ in the corridor.

Dr. A described herself as ‘shocked and at a loss for words,’ and Dr. Eshwari kept humming the phrase ‘porky sausages’ every time she entered the kitchen or common area.

Dr. A stated that she is a Pakistani Muslim and that her country’s bad relationship with India has led to some Indians dubbing Pakistan ‘Porkistan,’ and Pakistanis ‘porkies,’ because Muslims do not consume pig.

The tribunal considered Dr. Eshwari’s conduct to be serious, and a member of the public who was informed of the full circumstances of the case would be disturbed that a doctor had acted in this manner.

Via: Daily Mail

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