Nearly 18 Lac Cases Are Still Pending in All Top Courts

At a National Assembly (NA) session, Minister of State for Law and Justice, Shahadat Awan, stated that legislation is needed to resolve the 1.86 million pending lawsuits in various courts around the country.

He noted the NA’s recent law limiting the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s (CJP) unilateral authority to begin suo moto proceedings is an example of the type of legislation required to address the backlog.

When asked about the status of outstanding cases in the Supreme Court (SC) and high courts during the last five years, Awan responded that it was exclusively the responsibility of the SC to settle the matter because the government lacked the legal authority to interfere.

He did, however, concede that a shortage of judges is one of the causes for the delay in clearing the backlog, but he noted that it was up to the Supreme Court to fill the empty judge posts under its mandated processes.

As per the written response submitted to the House, 380,436 cases were pending in various courts in 2022, with the Supreme Court alone delaying 239,595 of those cases during the previous five years. The Lahore High Court has the most outstanding cases, with 739,212 unresolved in the previous five years.

The Sindh High Court has 424,420 unresolved cases, while the Peshawar High Court had 193,296. The Islamabad High Court had 83,807 pending cases, whereas the High Court of Balochistan had just 23,486 delayed cases.

Via: Daily Times

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Asma Sajid