Over Half of the Workers Believe AI Will Take Over Their Jobs

The relentless march of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is causing widespread alarm as millions of jobs across the globe are threatened with extinction. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), experts predict that the majority of entry-level positions will succumb to the irresistible tide of technology.

Platforms such as ChatGPT are accelerating the AI revolution, a phenomenon highlighted in a recent report by Goldman Sachs, which estimated that around 300 million full-time jobs worldwide could be automated by AI.

This unsettling revelation has left more than half of UAE employees surveyed deeply concerned about their job security over the next decade, with younger workers feeling particularly anxious about being replaced by machines.

The aim to remain employable in a rapidly changing job market requires continuous upskilling and upgrading of skills, according to Shalini Verma, CEO of Pivot Technologies. She predicts that AI will have a transformative impact on many jobs, especially at the entry level.

With the future of work set to demand ever-higher levels of competence and proficiency, even newcomers to the job market will be expected to perform at a level far beyond that of today’s interns and junior executives. Anyone falling short of exceptional standards will risk being replaced by a bot, while seasoned experts will need to adapt to new realities as AI takes on more and more core tasks across every job role.

For Nicki Wilson, Managing Director of Genie Recruitment, the key to survival in this technological revolution is staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations. With technology evolving at breakneck speed, acquiring new skills and learning to use new tools is a vital investment in one’s future career prospects. Failure to do so could prove costly, leaving one stranded in the fast-moving current of the digital age.

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