CDA Launches Plan to Tackle Air Pollution and Water Contamination

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced plans to implement an Environmental Mitigation Plan in Sector I-15 to protect the area from soil erosion, water contamination, and air pollution.

The plan is a response to estimates that suggest that 44 tons of solid waste per day will be generated by residential and commercial areas in the sector.

One of the primary concerns for the CDA is the contamination of freshwater sources in the area. While there is no significant fresh surface water in Sector I-15, there are springs that are currently dry.

A wastewater drain runs through the area, which was previously a stream that people used for various purposes. However, due to the mixing of wastewater from residential and commercial areas upstream, the water is no longer safe for use.

To address these issues, the CDA is considering temporary measures such as constructing temporary walls reinforced with brick lining bordering the construction areas to contain debris and avoid soil erosion and water contamination.

Additionally, various types of plants, including Buddleja asiatica, Cassia artemisioides, Barleria cristata, Lantana indica, and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, will be planted to prevent soil erosion in the area.

The sector was acquired by the CDA in 1968, along with neighboring sectors I-14 and I-16. The CDA settled landowner claims by providing them with due compensation, and plots were allocated to those affected.

Groundwater is available in the sector at a depth of 150-170 ft. and is currently used for drinking and other domestic purposes, along with dug wells.

The sector currently has a low population and low traffic, and the air quality is good due to the absence of significant pollution sources.

An official from the CDA stated that sector I-15 will offer a healthy environment for residents as it will be protected from sources of pollution under the Environmental Mitigation Plan.

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