Difference in Withholding Tax Rates on Filers and Non-Filer Likely to Increase

The difference between the withholding tax rates of filers and non-filers may also be further increased on different financial transactions including buying and selling of immovable properties.

Sources informed that the gap is expected to be further widened between the filers and non-filers from July 1, 2023, specifically in the case of property transactions.

The tax policy for budget-2023-24 would be continued with the WHT rates of the filers and non-filers, but the gap would be further increased to discourage non-filers of income tax returns.

This means that the persons not appearing on the active taxpayer lists would have to pay more and more taxes from the next fiscal year.

As reported earlier, the government is likely to further raise taxes for the non-filers on the buying and selling of immovable properties in the upcoming budget (2023-24) to also document the trading of files of plots at private housing societies.

Many private housing societies are involved in the avoidance of taxes by not showing actual transfers and the trading of files continues without payment of taxes. To check such activities at the private housing schemes, the FBR will take measures in the coming budget to document buyers and sellers and ensure payment of taxes.

  • Many poor people of Pakistan are not able to be filler, such people will suffer economically , it is therefore requested that please don’t take this step. Think any other way to collect taxes.

    • Many Poor people will not be doing property transaction regularly so therefore please collect as many taxes as you can inFact I will say please collect 200% more taxes from non filers if they are doing continues transaction of properties sale/purchase

      • there should be more tax on non filers on movable property also.Vender,shopkeepersریڑی) بان) of fresh/dry fruits and clath Marchants &other commodities earn a lot and mostly are non filers and don’t pay taxes. kindly fix them tight

    • Aoa, Akther SB u right Govt should take of people as our people are not so educated Govt should not impose any further taxes this will stop the economy

  • Taxes are needed for country
    Property taxes are imposed on rich peoples and property business nature’s people but not for poor peoples who buy a property just one time in life history.

    Think about poors


  • What is the use of these Taxes ? They dont spend on country or the people they are just looting
    Not a single benefit for citizens from any government

  • Retired persons from government and private sectors pertain to middle and low income groups should be barred from burden of non filers and filers.

    • I don’t know about the medical store you are referring to but I can say of myself.
      We’re in loss for the last 6 months and are about to close.
      And yes, those selling unwarranted medicines are earning alot.
      How much can a person earn with a gross margin of only 15pc

  • Landlords earning rent on property and real estate brokers earn huge sums of easy money but never pay any tax. They should be brought in the tax net

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