JazzCash Imposes Fee on Cash Deposits

JazzCash, Pakistan’s largest mobile wallet, has announced a change in pricing on cash deposit into M-wallets.

A notice on JazzCash website states that the cash deposit of Rs. 50 – Rs. 20,000 will now have a fee of 0.50 percent + FED while cash deposit above Rs. 20,000 will have a fee of Rs. 100 + FED.

In a statement to ProPakistani, a JazzCash spokesperson said, “The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) via circular dated May 12, 2023, provisioned a charge of 0.5% of the transaction amount, or PKR 100, whichever is lower, on cash deposit into M-wallets. Prior intimation in this regard was ensured to customers via JazzCash website and retailers were informed via SMS as well.”

The transaction charges on cash deposits are applicable only at physical touch points (franchise, retailer, experience center).

  • They have just signed their death warrant. Not only they invest and circulate our deposited money (without giving us any profit share), they now also want to charge us for depositing. Congrats! SBP and Jazzcash.

    • Well Said… But unfortunately Shahbaz Govt is certified Shameless they work on Anti-Poor policy.

    • koi farak nhi paryga hmari awam ko bina kisi subsity k tax deny ki itni adat hy ky kuch farak nhi paryga.

  • Already left easypaisa now will leave jazzcash, they’re trading & investing our money in markets & taking benefit by their self not giving us a single penny all the time they wants to charge us, v need to take actions against them boycott using their services 😠

    • You are right brother, now who should explain to these people how hard people are earning and depositing?

  • State bank ya PTA ka in pe koi rule and regulations ni chlta kia sb apni man marzi kr rhe hn salry to brthi ni chezen mehngi traeen ho Gai hn 100000 me 20000 k baraner chezen a rhi hn r salry eo hi 25k ki 25k bnda kia kren Kahn nae kis ko bole

  • Country’s defence in strong hands, it’s wealth is in empty hands, it’s justice is in weak hands and it’s peopel are in thiefs”s hands

  • Sbp is sleeping not monitoring these banks properly further all the micro finance banks do not fall under the jurisdiction of Banking ombudsman so you practically can’t do anything.

  • Is this tax money needed to Shahbaz Sharif for touring of Fazlul-Rehman .

  • Jazzcash Retailer b 1000 pe 10 le Rahe hai aur AAP b Account se paise katt Rahe ho Afsoos ki BAAT hai

  • Very good 👍 Jazz, from now on I am deleting my Jazz cash account permanently! We will never get any relief being a Pakistani.

  • Jazz Cash very bad 😞😞😞
    I deleted my jazz Cash account after my money in jazz Cash widrall

  • یہ انتہائی غریب لوگوں پر ظلم ہے جو بینک اکاؤنٹ نہیں کھول سکتے ان کی جیبوں پر ڈاکہ ہے says:

    یہ انتہائی غریب لوگوں پر ظلم جو بینک نہیں جا سکتے اکاؤنٹ نہیں کھول سکتے ان کی جیبوں پر ڈاکہ ہے

    • Upaisa Ubank is rhe best choice.

  • Upaisa Ubank is rhe best choice.

  • It’s seems very unfortunate that while depositing own money jazz cash account will charge the tax impose by SBP.Iits mean that now jazz cash account will not use frequently and customers will not use the jazz cash services now end of jazz cash account permanently.

  • In Pakistan, it has always been the norm to make rules more strict for those who are genuine people, and not make any effective progress with those that use back channels.

  • Pehly dukan waly ko fees den phi niklwaeyn to fees.sending fees..koi zaroorat nhi is ko istemal krny ki

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