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Traffic Warden Suspended in Peshawar for Rude Behavior

A traffic police officer in Peshawar was suspended for writing inappropriate words on a citizen’s fine ticket.

Instead of printing the motorist’s name on the ticket, the Peshawar traffic police used discourteous language. The victim recounted his minor lane violation driving offense.

Upon being stopped, the motorist told the traffic official that he was unfamiliar with the region and worked as a deputy clerk in the educational department.

Traffic Warden Roman Shah asked for the motorist’s name as part of the ticketing process. When the citizen claimed he accidentally broke the traffic law, Roman Shah wrote profanities instead of the motorist’s name.

Consequently, the victim urged the SSP traffic to punish the warden and all officers who tarnished the traffic police’s reputation by committing such actions.

The issue has caught social media by storm, with people demanding action against the warden. The SSP suspended the warden for rude behavior.

  • This is very good step. Instead of burning cash on in useless projects govt should provide body cams to wardens eligible to give tickets/fine for clarity. Police image is zero in our country.

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