Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Villagers Are Using Electricity for Just Rs. 200 Per Month

Brashmanal, a remote village in the Buner district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is offering uninterrupted electricity at a nominal fee of Rs. 200 per month to its residents. 

The credit for this affordable initiative goes to Shaukat Hussain, a 30-year-old local. He ingeniously set up a hydroelectric power plant with an investment of Rs. 100,000 in his village.

Despite its remote location and lack of certain basic amenities, the village has managed to sidestep the power woes that plague much of the country.

The residents of Brashmanal are unconcerned even though they are not connected to the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) grid.

One local, as quoted by the News said, “Even though our village is isolated, we have successfully replaced the darkness with bright lights. It is both affordable and reliable, costing only Rs. 200 per month.”

The revenue generated from each of the 100 households is used to maintain the plant’s machinery. Hussain explained, “We started this project to help our villagers save money on electricity. Providing it for free is not feasible due to maintenance costs.”

The hydroelectric plant also provides power to a mill that produces flour, further benefiting the community.

Hussain is hopeful that more such mini hydroelectric plants can be developed with government support.

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  • The government departments in this country are far too inefficient to provide tangible benefits to the people without investing millions. Just imagine if this was a government initiative, they would first hire people, who would manage this for lifetime and keep drawing salaries. It is time that those organizations which are not achieving their goals are shutdown.

  • Providing utilities including electricity to the people, however remote they may be residing, is the Government’s responsibility. Not everything can be left either to the people individually or to the private sector. Here are a few examples: –
    – People generating electricity on their own from public resources.
    – Issuing weapons’ licences to the people on a mass scale so that they can defend themselves (and avenge their personal enmities)
    – Negligible expenditure on Health so that they either go to quaks or get fleeced by private doctors and clinics.
    – Equally negligible expenditure on education so that people pay through their nose for children’s education in private institutions.
    I can write on….. .
    This is not the way a government should work.

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