Taxpayers Angry as Assistant Commissioner Shows Off New Govt-Funded Hilux Revo

The Assistant Commissioner of Pir Mahal, Nadeem Baloch, recently faced severe backlash after he shared a video on social media proudly showing off his new Hilux Revo, a vehicle that’s seen as a status symbol in Pakistan.

The public was outraged by the purchase of the vehicle, which was funded by taxpayers’ money, as the government has been imposing new taxes and raising petrol prices while bureaucrats continue to live lavish lifestyles.

Many in the public sphere were alarmed, especially those hardly making their ends meet. The criticism was so immense that AC was forced to remove the controversial video. It is worth mentioning here that a new Hilux Revo currently costs between Rs. 1.2 – 1.5 crore depending on the variant.

AC Nadeem is currently posted in Pir Mahal, a small tehsil in Toba Tek Singh district. A netizen asked AC Nadeem about his previous “white-colored” vehicle on his deleted post. Nadeem replied that he had given it to his tehsildar.

Human rights activist, Ish Ahmad Yousafzai, lamented on X (formerly Twitter) that such pricey benefits seem like rewards for officials, with no one daring to challenge this.

However, Nadeem’s car is just the tip of the iceberg. In July, the Punjab government set aside a massive Rs. 2.3 billion for luxury vehicles for its ACs, Additional Deputy Commissioners, and Additional Commissioners.

This move came at a time when the nation was grappling with financial challenges, raising eyebrows and concerns about the government’s priorities.

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  • The fact that Government officers of Punjab went ahead with Luxury vehicle (despite economic downturn ) shows that these people are just small minded people who are continuing the legacy of British. Shame on them as a whole. ACs don’t require a Revo or a Hilux to do their duty, but this is Pakistan where government officials just want to enjoy without any repercussions.

  • An AC is just a grade 17 officer, what justification is there to provide a junior level official with a 1.5 crore vehicle, rather he should be given a 650 cc Alto, cost about 1/5th and consumes half as less fuel. This should be done across all govt. depts. Its high time the govt. officials are restricted from luxuries in a time when ordinary people are finding it hard to put two meals at their tables.

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