Scheme 33 Karachi Area Guide: A Vibrant and Flourishing Locality

Scheme 33,Karachi also known as Gulzar-e-Hijri, is one of Karachi’s most highly developed and sought-after localities. Managed by the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK), Scheme 33 has experienced rapid growth since its establishment in 1971. This vibrant locality boasts modern infrastructure and all essential utilities, including electricity, water, and gas supply.

Situated near Gulshan-e-Iqbal, it enjoys excellent connectivity to major city arteries like University Road and Hijri Road, as well as the Main Super Highway connecting Karachi to Hyderabad. Offering a range of affordable housing options without compromising on quality, Scheme 33 ensures a comfortable and contemporary lifestyle for its residents.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

Scheme 33 Karachi enjoys a strategic location, surrounded by prominent housing communities such as Gulshan-e-Maymar, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, and Malir Cantonment. With 54 sectors and 293 residential societies, the locality caters to diverse socio-economic segments of society. Its excellent infrastructure and top-notch security have attracted genuine buyers and investors from all over the country. Moreover, the area’s status as a major commuter route and business hub further enhances its appeal.

Facilities and Amenities

Public Transport

To avoid traffic congestion in the metropolis, numerous residents prefer using public transport mechanisms. Scheme 33 features well-decorated Karachi buses adorned with beautiful art and design, passing through various bus stations within the locality. Commercial markets are easily accessible, with a plethora of commercial areas located within walking distance. Each residential society in Scheme 33 boasts popular supermarkets and stores, and on Fridays, the famous ‘Peer Budh Bazaar’ in Memon Nagar offers diverse products, utensils, clothes, and groceries at discounted prices.


The locality takes pride in its array of schools, offering hassle-free commutes for parents of school-going children. Prominent schools in the area include Shaheen Cambridge School, Beaconlight Academy, and Malik Public Schools. For those seeking quality higher education, options like the University of Karachi and Indus Public College are easily accessible.

Healthcare and Banking

Scheme 33 provides well-equipped hospitals and clinics with highly qualified personnel, emergency services, and ICUs. Dow University Hospital and Memom Medical Institute Hospital are prominent healthcare units in the locality. Moreover, the area hosts branches of popular banks such as Meezan Bank, HBL, and Faysal Bank, catering to the financial needs of residents.

Places of Worship and Recreation

Countless mosques in Scheme 33 allow residents to perform their religious obligations with ease. The locality also offers a variety of eateries, including local joints and international food chains. For recreational purposes, residents have access to lifestyle facilities like recreational parks, football fields, cricket grounds, spas, salons, and fitness centers.

Property Market in Scheme 33 Karachi


Scheme 33 offers a wide range of houses for sale, with Saadi Town and Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima being the most popular areas. These houses boast modern features such as sliding doors, open kitchens, and imported fixtures and fittings. A 200 sq yds house in Saadi can range from PKR 2 crore to PKR 4 crore.


Flats in Scheme 33 are highly desirable due to their modern designs and recent construction. The locality offers both affordable and luxury studios, as well as 1 to 5-bedroom apartments for sale. Zeenatabad and Sector 17-A are the top areas to find flats, with prices ranging from PKR 43 lakh to PKR 85 lakh for a 2-bedroom apartment in Zeenatabad.

Residential Plots

Residential plots in Scheme 33 are readily available in various sizes and at affordable prices. These plots are located in recently developed housing societies, with a 125 sq yds plot ranging from PKR 30 lakh to PKR 1.4 crore.

Commercial Properties

Investors looking for commercial opportunities can easily find and rent properties in Scheme 33. Pir Gul Hassan Town and Saadi Garden are the best areas to buy commercial plots.

Why Invest in Scheme 33 Karachi?

Investing in Scheme 33 Karachi offers numerous advantages. The prime location, along with a wide range of housing options for different income groups, makes it an attractive prospect for buyers. Additionally, the presence of commercial properties provides opportunities for various business activities. The locality’s continuous growth and development offer investment potential for venture capitalists, from developing residential societies to fully established housing communities. Furthermore, its excellent connectivity to major routes ensures easy access to other prominent areas, making it an ideal choice for investors and residents alike.

The Future of Scheme 33 Karachi

As one of Karachi’s rapidly growing localities, Scheme 33 holds a promising future. The City District Government of Karachi continues to invest in the area’s infrastructure, ensuring it remains well-connected and equipped with modern facilities. With a strong focus on development and urban planning, the locality is set to attract even more residents and investors in the coming years.

Community and Lifestyle

Scheme 33 Karachi is more than just a residential area; it fosters a strong sense of community among its diverse residents. The presence of numerous mosques and community centers promotes a spirit of togetherness, encouraging social gatherings and cultural events. Residents of all ages can partake in various recreational activities, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Sustainable Development Initiatives

In response to global trends and environmental concerns, Scheme 33 Karachi has embarked on sustainable development initiatives. Green spaces and parks are being nurtured to enhance the locality’s beauty and promote eco-friendly living. Additionally, the implementation of energy-efficient practices in housing societies and commercial areas reflects a commitment to a greener future.

Security and Safety

Safety is a top priority in Scheme 33 Karachi, with comprehensive security measures in place. Gated communities and surveillance systems ensure the well-being of residents, providing peace of mind to families. The continuous focus on safety further solidifies the locality’s reputation as a secure and family-friendly place to live.

The Real Estate Boom

The real estate market in Scheme 33 Karachi is witnessing a steady boom. Property values have seen a positive trajectory, making it an attractive option for property investors looking for long-term appreciation. Whether you are searching for a family home or a commercial space, Scheme 33 offers a variety of options to cater to different needs and budgets.


Scheme 33 Karachi, also known as Gulzar-e-Hijri, stands as a beacon of progress and opportunity in the heart of Karachi. From its strategic location and connectivity to the array of facilities and amenities it offers, the locality has become a sought-after destination for residents and investors alike. With its continuous development, vibrant community, and promising future, Scheme 33 is undoubtedly an area to watch in Karachi’s real estate landscape.


Is Scheme 33 Karachi a safe place to live?

Yes, Scheme 33 Karachi prioritizes security and safety, with gated communities and surveillance systems in place, making it a secure and family-friendly locality.

What is the future outlook for Scheme 33 Karachi?

Scheme 33 is expected to experience continued growth and development, attracting more residents and investors in the coming years.

Are there sustainable development initiatives in Scheme 33?

Yes, Scheme 33 Karachi has embarked on sustainable development initiatives, including nurturing green spaces and implementing energy-efficient practices.

Why is Scheme 33’s real estate market booming?

Scheme 33’s real estate market is booming due to its strategic location, range of property options, and steady appreciation of property values.

How does Scheme 33 foster a sense of community?

Scheme 33 encourages a strong sense of community through various mosques, community centers, and opportunities for social gatherings and cultural events.

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