Warning: This Seagate SSD Has a Critical Hardware Flaw

American cloud storage company Backblaze has released its latest mid-year report on SSD failure rates. These failure rates determine how often an SSD tends to fail to function within a given period of time.

The Blackblaze report aims to inform consumers about the average runtime of hardware as well as average failure rates. This is especially important to know since storage hardware like SSDs have a longer life span compared to other PC components and they also store important data.

The report shows an alarmingly high average failure rate for a particular Seagate SSD, and since the brand is quite popular in Pakistan, it’s a cause for concern.

Backblaze statistics have unveiled an unusual case where a Seagate SSD (model SSDSCKKB240GZR) exhibited an exceptionally high Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) of 830%. It’s worth noting that this extraordinary AFR value was observed in just two drives during the Q1-Q2 period.

Although the cause for this anomaly remains undisclosed, it could potentially be linked to the SSD’s production process. It’s important to emphasize that Seagate is generally recognized as a reliable company for storage solutions.

Furthermore, the quarterly AFR experienced only a marginal uptick, reaching a modest 1.05%.

Reliable Data

Returning to the topic at hand, Backblaze confirms that their “evaluating data” has notably expanded compared to the previous year. Presently, the company has a total of 3,144 SSDs in its servers, marking an almost 20% increase from the 2022 figures.

A larger dataset undoubtedly enhances the reliability of the results obtained, albeit it may introduce certain ambiguities. It’s noteworthy that Backblaze discloses that the newly incorporated SSDs hail from Crucial, WDC, and Seagate.


It is worth mentioning that while one of the Seagate SSDs might be failing, it does not mean that the company itself is unreliable. Seagate is a relatively major brand and this issue most likely just has to do with possible production issues at its facilities, as mentioned before.

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