Multiple Candidates Caught Using Electronic Devices During Test for Govt Jobs

In the recruitment test for the position of Assistant Engineering conducted by the Public Commission Service in Peshawar, 18 candidates were caught for cheating, employing electronic devices to gain an unfair advantage.

Following a thorough inquiry, the Public Commission Service of Peshawar took decisive action, imposing a three-year ban on the identified candidates who had utilized electronic devices during the Assistant Engineer test.

In response to the cheating incident, the Public Service Commission has opted to nullify the results of the affected Assistant Engineer test.

Officials from the Public Service Commission swiftly initiated an inquiry committee to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Upon the committee’s completion of the investigation, those found guilty of cheating have been sanctioned with a three-year ban, rendering them ineligible to participate in any Public Service Commission tests during this period.

The stringent measures reflect the commitment of the Public Commission Service to maintain the integrity of its recruitment processes and ensure a fair and transparent selection of candidates for the Assistant Engineering position.

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