Here’s Why Lahore Won’t Be Getting Artificial Rain Anytime Soon

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Despite allocating Rs. 350 million for artificial rain in Lahore, the Punjab government’s plans have hit a snag.

According to a local media outlet, Lahore won’t be getting artificial rain this month. Earlier, caretaker CM Punjab Mohsin had announced that the provincial capital could experience artificial rain on November 29 if conditions are favorable.

However, their plan has been delayed for up to six weeks due to technical challenges, hindering the execution of artificial rain in Lahore this month. Furthermore, the provincial authorities aren’t entirely satisfied with the performance of experts involved in the project.

Additionally, the non-availability of the Punjab government’s aircraft significantly contributed to the delay in artificial rain. As per details, the aircraft has been grounded for several months due to maintenance issues.

As an alternative, the provincial government has reportedly approached a Dubai-based company with expertise in cloud ionization and cloud seeding.

If things go as planned, the foreign company will be tasked with conducting cloud ionization and cloud seeding at five designated locations in Lahore. According to experts, the process of artificial rain involves an aircraft spraying sodium chloride at an altitude of three to four thousand feet to initiate the formation of rain clouds.

It is important to note that the artificial rain initiative is one of the solutions of the provincial government to reduce smog. Earlier, the caretaker CM had announced the closure of schools and markets, along with other orders.

  • ہر سال یہی کہانی دہرائی جاتی ہے مصنوعی بارش برسانے والے ہیں آج آئی کہ کل آئی کرتے کرتے وقت گزر ہی جاتا ہے۔ مانا کہ لاہوری ذندہ دلان ہونگے لیکن گونگے اور نہایت کمزور۔ انکو ٹآلنا وقت کے حکمرانوں کے لئے شاید بہت آسان ہوتا ہوگا کہ انکو بولنے سے محروم رکھا گیا ہے۔ لیکن اندر سے سبھی ایک ہی بات بولتے ہیں کہ بارش تبھی برسائی جائے گی جب حکومت کو مال خوب کھانے کو ملیگا ۔ اب یہ غلط ہے یا صحیح ؟

  • The reason is no kickbacks can be earned. Dubai based company could be Zardari’s or Sharif’s.

  • Allah kitna azeem ha thoray sy area pe rain k liye itnay pasay lganay pran gy or Allah k liye ye kam kitna asan ha. Me to kehta hn us area k ghreebon me ye pasay bant dan or un sy barish ki dua kran kisi na kisi ki to dua qabool ho gi. JazakAllah

  • Hamare Pakistani brothers lagta he tomlogo ko allah se brosa ot choka he

    Dowa mango allah se taa ke ham sab par rehem kare.
    apne jahalat ko hatm karo

  • Cloud seeding is a tried and failed project. It never gave any dividends when carried out in Balochistan in 2001. Unless they penalise the industries, there is no hope.

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