Chairman NAB Announces to Launch New Policy for Housing Schemes

In a significant move aimed at regulating the housing sector, the Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has announced the introduction of a new policy for housing schemes. This marks a pivotal step towards addressing the challenges and complexities in the real estate sector, particularly in housing projects.


The announcement, which has garnered significant attention, comes at a time when the housing sector in Pakistan faces numerous challenges, including issues of transparency, accountability, and the need for more robust regulatory mechanisms. The Chairman’s decision to bring forth a new policy is seen as a proactive measure to ensure that housing schemes are more effectively managed and regulated.

Key Features of the New Policy

While the specific details of the policy are yet to be fully disclosed, it is understood that the new framework will involve the inclusion of all stakeholders in the housing sector. This collaborative approach is expected to foster a more transparent and accountable environment, potentially reducing the risks of corruption and mismanagement in housing projects.

Impact on the Housing Sector

The announcement has been met with optimism by various stakeholders in the real estate industry. Experts believe that the new policy could lead to more streamlined processes, better oversight, and ultimately, a more stable and trustworthy housing market.

Looking Ahead

As the nation awaits further details on the new policy, there is a sense of cautious optimism about the potential positive changes it could bring to the housing sector. The move by the NAB Chairman is seen as a step in the right direction, aligning with broader efforts to enhance governance and accountability in key sectors of the economy.

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  • Chairman NAB is a General of Pakistan Army. How come a General is running NAB and making policies on Housing Socieities?. A General is acting as a Judge, policy makers and executioner at the same time?. This is their Job?. What is going on?.

    • This is very very welcomed decision to control cheater developers who cheat poor public for years.

    • People like you are biggest hurdle in the way of national progress. Let the country progress and stop favouring cult. Where you people come from?

  • Policies prime minister announce karte hain nab ka sarkari mulazim nai ye mulk hai ya banana republic

  • What has NAB Chairman got to do with Housing Societies? Is this a part of his mandate? Who authorized him to announce such policies? Has NAB performed its duties entrusted to the body except for witch-hunting? Are all other relevant authorities dealing with this subject dead? With his background, is he going to announce the formation of DHA-2? Is he going to declare all Housing Societies except for DHA as illegal?

    The present caretaker government is a product of the Establishment. The caretaker setup is paying back to its masters for bringing them to power. In many aspects, the caretakers have already crossed their limits. They need to be stopped here and now.

    Regulating the Housing Authorities is extremely important. However, this does not mean that every Time, Dick and Harry would start making and announcing policies about housing schemes. Please stop here.

  • Leaving every thing aside, the builder cum developer must give and adhere to a construction schedule giving a time frame for handing over the developed plot or a shop/flat/house etc etc to its clients or get penalised monetarily Timely completion and handing over is utmost necessary.

  • Strange what NAB has to do with housing policy what Housing Ministry is doing. It should be concern minustry supported by FIA FBR and property dealers and large housing schemes.

  • There is nothing like in past .
    I am live in society by name ELIT TOWN NEAR PURANA KAHNA MAIN FEROZPUR ROAD LAHORE which is established since 30 year ago and owner of society take all development charges but fail to provide basic facilities to the public.
    Arrested by the NAB since 2 year nab cannot get single paney from him

  • All this is only paper work. Nothing else. RP housing society (Roshan Pakistan) zone 2, E-16/1&4, Islamabad did fraud with me. Not only me many peoples are also Effecties. Society NOC is cancelled and LOP is suspended even not listed in SECP. I registered my complaint almost all government departments included NAB, FIA, CDA chairman office, DG housing societies CDA office, Wafaqi moutsab, DC office , interior and foreign ministries, SECP etc. for taking corrective action against this society but no one is willing to take action on individuals complaint. There is no any policy in NAB prosecution also.
    This is Pakistan. Citizens of Pakistan will face this uncertainty. This is Pakistan.

  • It’s impact would be very severe and would destroy housing market completely . Like nab destroyed country economy

  • GHAURI TOWN ISLAMABAD which has been declared as an Illegal society by CDA,Phase 8 Owned & Developed by
    Mr Chaudhry Muhammad Usman, Company Green Garacia/ Green aspire has Looted poor people since 2015-2017….My Humble request to Chairman NAB is take Serious action against such Corrupt and Fraud People.

  • Ma sha Allah. While living in the land of pure, let the people robbed by these blood hounds, as it is the right of goons to Rob the poor people by showing colourful dreams to own a plot or house in A,B, C housing society. Let them collect the money from general public in shape of installments and surcharge in case of late deposit of their installments. Sssssh don’t take a single step to catch these *Frauds* who collect money from the people and use that over decades but no development on ground could be seen. No refund, no customer rights. When people commit suicide, or approach courts then another sad story begins. Finally the crooks deal with the flag barrier (NAB) that proudly announces after years that we recovered X amount from the *x.y.z.* company and shall soon refund to the people. Have you ever thought that does the amount which was paid 20 years before has the same value? If Yes, then please give me small loan of 2 million for 20 years without interest. I will be highly obliged. Mit jaye gi makhlooq to insaf karo gey? All the King’s men.dont show rosy pictures to people instead do something positive and conceret for the general public rights. Get out of sarakari files and see the plight of the sufferer. God bless Pakistan. Aameen

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