Punjab Educational Boards Change Mode of Matric Exams

The educational boards in Punjab have taken an important step to improve students’ English skills and bring educational standards in line with global norms.

According to details, all the educational boards across the province will be conducting matriculation exams in English for both science and arts streams starting in 2025.

As part of this policy, the gradual removal of Urdu from question papers will ensure a uniform language medium across all subjects. Furthermore, beginning in 2026, all optional subjects for FA exams will also be conducted in English.

The formal approval for this policy is still pending, however, educational authorities are hopeful that it will be approved during the upcoming Punjab Boards Committee Chairmen (PBCC) meeting.

On the other hand, the General Secretary of the Punjab Teachers Union, Rana Liaqat Ali, has expressed his concerns regarding potential challenges arising from the language transition.

He also stressed the importance of providing teachers with training for a smooth transition as well as minimizing potential student failure rates due to language barriers.

  • This is a good decision taken by the punjab board.I have a great desire to conduct examination of optional subjects in English.This is because world has changed and there’s no need to live in age of darkness.I appreciate the decision of government of punjab Pakistan

  • ایسے لوگوں پر بھت افسوس ھوتا ھے جو اپنی زبان کو ترقی کررھے ھیں اور انگریزوں کی زبان پر زور دے رھے ھیں
    آپ سب کو شرم آنی چاہئیے ھمارے ملک میں ھر پیپر ھر محکمہ میں اردو کی حکمرانی ھوچاھئیے

  • اپنی زبان اردو ھے اس اھمیت دیں
    ھر ادارے میں رائج کریں
    انگریزی پر اتنا زور نہ دیں

  • This move will stop the blue-collar’ kids from moving forward to college education. Most our talent can make up English at the intermediate level
    God’s sake the decision makers should stay away from such decisions

  • Based on my experience as a 9th-grade student who has encountered various environments for my age, I believe this will be immensely helpful for many people I know. I just hope the government has made such a significant decision before, as my exams are approaching, and I am lagging behind in subjects associated with the Urdu language.

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