Saudi Arabia Launches New Student Visa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has made a groundbreaking announcement by launching a new educational visa program aimed at attracting international students who wish to pursue their studies within the Kingdom.

The “Study in Saudi Arabia” visa program, a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), was officially launched during the Human Capacity Initiative conference in Riyadh on Thursday, February 29th.

The visa program is specifically designed to attract international students and academics to enhance the educational and research sectors. Through the dedicated “Study in Saudi Arabia” platform, international students aspiring to enroll in Saudi universities will have their visas issued.

The platform offers an extensive selection of study options, ranging from short-term courses to comprehensive academic programs, to accommodate various academic interests and career aspirations.

The platform actively promotes academic and cultural cooperation, aligning with the Kingdom’s dedication to advancing the education sector and attracting talent in line with Saudi Vision 2030 goals.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak