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New GTA 6 Screenshots and Cover Art Could be Coming Soon

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) got its first trailer in December last year, and even though its launch is still over a year away, Rockstar may be sharing more about the game soon for its eagerly waiting fans.

There hasn’t been an announcement from Rockstar yet, but a fan-made bot on X (formerly Twitter), which keeps track of Rockstar’s API for GTA 6 news, has spotted four new links that could show more content.

These links are currently inaccessible since they only lead to a 404 error page, meaning nothing has been uploaded there as of yet. Regardless, it could mean that something is coming soon.

IT House has noted that Rockstar recently cleared most of their Instagram content, now only featuring posts about the latest GTA Online DLC, GTA+, music labels, and some smaller updates. This move mirrors their approach just before dropping the first trailer previously.

With Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, scheduled for an earnings call on May 16th, speculation is mounting about a possible GTA 6 announcement soon. Rumors are circulating that new screenshots and cover art might be released next week.

Although the official launch is slated for 2025, fans hope they might get a sneak peek at GTA 6 soon.

Five months ago, the debut trailer for GTA 6 broke YouTube viewing records. The game returns players to the lively Vice City, located in the made-up state of Leonida, inspired by Florida. The trailer highlighted impressive graphics, and an expansive open world, and introduced two main characters, Lucia and Jason.

Check out the trailer below.

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