Defying Destiny: Deaf Siblings on the Verge of Squash Stardom in Pakistan!

Two Pakistani siblings Sana Bahadur and Saifullah Bahadur showcase their passion for the sport despite having physical limitations the two squash players have remained resilient in pursuing the game they love the most.

The two siblings cannot hear or speak but despite that, the two athletes did not stop from pursuing their dream to become squash players and represent Pakistan at the international level one day.

Saifullah Bahadur and Sana Bahadur’s story is a symbol of defiance against destiny and societal pressures but throughout their journey, they have had unconditional support from their father who has been the orchestrator of the success that the two siblings have achieved so far.

“I cry tears of joy when people appreciate and support them,” Sana and Saifullah’s father said.

Sana Bahadur was the first ever deaf squash player in Asia and she gained the first position in multiple squash under-15 tournaments while bagging numerous gold medals.

Pakistan has a glorious legacy in Squash with the likes of Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan etching their names in history forever in the game while inspiring the future generations.

In a world where athletes often lose hope after a small setback the two squash players have shown that an arduous journey can lead to success with pure determination, desire, and grit.

Recently, Sana and Saifullah Bahadur are taking part in the Chief Of Naval Staff Squash Championship where they are exhibiting their exceptional skills with stellar performances in the tournament.

It will be a momentous moment for the two siblings if they achieve their goal of representing Pakistan in the game of squash at the highest level.

Published by
Shayan Obaid Alexander