IMF Forcing Govt to End Petrol Quota of Ministers

The federal government is considering a proposal to cut the petrol expenditure of ministers and other cabinet members in the budget of the next financial year.

High level sources told ProPakistani that the government, under pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has prepared different proposals to cut expenditures.

The government is likely to cut the petrol-related expenditure of Federal ministers and other cabinet members during the upcoming fiscal year’s budget.

Sources said the government spends an average of Rs. 2-5.3 million monthly on petrol for cabinet members.

Cabinet members are allowed 350 liters of petrol per month on up to 1500 cc vehicles whereas members having land cruisers, BMW, and Jeep get 900 liters of petrol per month.

Earlier, the cabinet members were availing 580 litres of petrol per month on upto 1500 cc vehicles and 1500 litres per month on vehicles such as Land Cruiser, BMW, and Jeep.

A minister spends an average of Rs. 98,000 per month on petrol for a small car of 1500 cc.

Currently, the number of federal ministers, state ministers, special assistants, and advisors is 21, including 18 federal ministers, one adviser to the prime minister, one SAPM, and one state minister, sources added.

It should be noted that the IMF has demanded the government to reduce expenditure.

Published by
Shahzad Paracha