Laughter That Liberates: IQE’s Comedy Crusade Against Cultural Chains

Comedy is not just laughter. It’s beyond that. In Pakistan, a country, with a rich culture, and traditions, and with them comes the issues that one cannot not discuss publicly or sometimes they are considered as taboos. Since gaining Independence in 1947 we are still in chains of disparity, and ignorance and are scared to talk about the issues that have plagued our thoughts and questioned our existence. We as a nation are so depressed and frustrated that we try to find humor in matters of life that are gravely serious.

We have the ability to find fun in anything and that is what can be witnessed in different chae spots, weddings, and even funerals. Yet, this rich vein of satire and dark comedy rarely makes it into our mainstream screenplays. Traditionally, Pakistani comedy has been about extracting laughter by any means necessary, without much concern for underlying messages or storylines.

It has been years that we have been watching Indian comedy shows, and short films, that are characterized by their dark humor. We have grown up watching some timeless masterpieces that not only entertain but also address societal issues common to many of us at some point in life. Despite religious and ideological differences, the issues faced in India are remarkably similar to those in Pakistan. However, a notable distinction has been India’s relentless effort to vocalize concerns that we, in Pakistan, often shy away from.

Through their TV shows, films, and screenplays, they have tried to address the most common, yet grave issues that are almost identical to those of the Pakistani society. However, we always wish that we also had such talented individuals who could craft the same content that we often see on Indian digital platforms, and here we are. Now, it seems our aspirations for similar homegrown content are being realized. IQE, just made our dream come true. They have emerged as a courageous platform that matches the screen quality of top-rated Indian platforms like Filtercopy, RVCJ Media, The Timeliners, or even the Scoop Whoop.

Here is a quick comparison of IQE’s Screen Quality with the Indian Top Platforms:

On the Left is IQE and on the Right Indian Platforms.

With IQE’s jaw-droppingly unique shows, at first glance, you’ll feel that you are watching something produced by large-scale Indian production houses. Though they seem to be at a beginner level yet, they are passionate about what they are doing and have the potential to lock horns with some of the giant Indian Digital Platforms.

IQE has taken charge of talking about challenges that have been prevailing in our society. Their team of talented individuals have struck the real cords of society with dark humor and satire. They have pinched society to wake them up by talking about moments, challenges, and issues that have been hollowing us for centuries, yet are underseen.

In partnership with Nashpati Prime, IQE produces a series of shows that clearly reflect emotional intelligence and also highlight that life is not just emotions, it’s actually a balance of both head and heart in all aspects. Whether you are a husband, a wife, a parent, a lover, or a statesmen, all these should be handled with a punch of both logic and emotions.

One of their latest romantic web series, “Ibbi Meenu,” packs a powerful punch, illustrating how relationships are like rollercoaster rides, magnifying most micro-level issues that they face on a daily basis. The series also showcases how couples care for each other and appreciate each others on their parts.

Alongside this, their series “Lazy Losers” spotlights the corporate world’s trials highlighting the challenges that are faced by individuals within the workplace and how they deal with the black sheep all around them. This series also effortlessly depicts the cultural difference in the Private and Government Sectors.

IQE’s signature style of power-packed dark humor conveys the most complex ideas in a very casual manner, making sure that the impact is felt deeply but still makes one laugh. Beyond laughter, one thing that reflects from their work is that they are either desperate or passionate about giving people a perception of viewing things differently and not in the traditional manner how it was seen by the people who died hundreds of years ago. This new perspective of viewing things will undoubtedly give people new ways to be happy.

Take, for instance, their humorous portrayal of a little boy attending the toilet alone for the first time. His triumphant cry, “Ab mein khud dho leta hun!” (Now I can wash myself!), is a comedic but poignant nod to personal independence. Or consider their campaign “Beti bojh nahi” (Daughter is not a burden), which challenges deep-seated gender biases and the dowry system through humor, urging a reevaluation of these oppressive norms.

IQE without a doubt is going to change the overall landscape of digital viewership with the screen quality and unique content which totally reflects their commitment and compassion. It reflects our culture, the issues we face, and to which the audience could relate.

This platform isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about sparking a movement towards true independence, breaking free from the chains of chaotic thoughts, hatred, and the taboos that have long silenced necessary conversations. With every laugh, IQE nudges us towards a new way of thinking and, perhaps, a new way to find joy.

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