PTCL Celebrates Mother’s Day with “MaaTheDigitalExpert” Campaign to Empower Mothers Digitally

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration recognizing and appreciating the countless contributions of mothers. Throughout their lives, mothers exhibit patience, strive to fulfill our wishes, and address our problems. Their roles as nurturers, educators, and counselors are irreplaceable, shaping societies by shaping individuals.

This year, PTCL Group has launched an initiative to give back a fraction of what our mothers have provided us. In a world increasingly influenced by technology, ensuring that everyone, especially mothers, can navigate the digital landscape safely is essential.

Dedicated to empowering mothers digitally, the “MaaTheDigitalExpert” campaign enables them to safeguard themselves against scams prevalent on the internet. This initiative reflects PTCL’s commitment to ensuring the safety of mothers online, allowing them to explore and utilize digital resources without fear.

Supported by a Television Commercial (TVC), the campaign features a classroom setting where mothers, seated as students, are guided by two young individuals on how to protect their privacy from fraudsters. This visual metaphor powerfully underscores the ongoing need for education and vigilance in our digital interactions.

Recognizing the universal importance of digital security, PTCL has crafted a comprehensive Digital Safety Guide. While designed primarily for mothers, the guide offers valuable insights beneficial to all internet users. It serves as a user-friendly resource filled with practical tips and detailed information to enhance users’ digital safety.

This guide provides easy-to-understand tips and a wealth of information on securing one’s digital presence. The guide details strategies to identify and evade common online threats such as clickbait, fake news, phishing attempts, deceptive instant loan applications, and scams disguised as lucky draw opportunities.

Additionally, the guide emphasizes the importance of setting strong, unique passwords, using secure and reputable websites and apps, and the necessity of keeping software up to date to protect against vulnerabilities.


Through “MaaTheDigitalExpert,” PTCL is taking a significant step forward by merging the celebration of Mother’s Day with practical measures that promote digital literacy and safety. This initiative not only honors mothers but also contributes to a safer digital environment for all. By equipping mothers with the necessary skills to protect themselves and their families, PTCL is helping to foster a culture of security that will have lasting benefits for generations to come.

Published by
ProPK Staff