Chemistry Paper Leaks on Social Media Ahead of Matric Exam

The matric exam in Karachi faced a setback as the chemistry paper went viral on social media just 40 minutes before the exam.

This isn’t the first time that a paper has leaked on social media platforms. Before this, a solved Physics paper from ninth grade was also circulated widely on social media.

The matric board exams, which began on May 7, have been plagued by numerous issues, including the widespread leaking of exam papers, raising concerns about the integrity of the examination process.

The Department of Sindh Boards and Universities has instructed the Board of Secondary Education Karachi’s chairman to address the issue of malpractices in the exams.

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It all started when the computer science paper for 9th grade got leaked on social media on the day of the exam on May 7. A spokesperson from the BSEK stated that they were unable to verify whether the paper circulating on social media was fake or genuine.

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Arsalan Khattak