LDA Demolishes 9 Illegal Buildings in Lahore

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) carried out a significant operation on Monday, which resulted in the demolition of nine constructions and the sealing of seven properties across various areas of the city.

Under the direct supervision of Chief Town Planner Azhar Ali, enforcement teams undertook rigorous measures to address the proliferation of unauthorized structures in several localities of Lahore, including Johar Town, Lahore Avenue, Wapda Town, IEP Town, Valencia Town, as well as UET Society.

The operation resulted in the demolition of nine constructions that were deemed to violate building codes and regulations. Among the properties razed to the ground were plot numbers 11, 44, 45, and 46 in Lahore Avenue, along with plot numbers 277/2A and 7J in Valencia Town. Furthermore, farmhouses situated on Defence Road, plot number 2H in Johar Town, and plot number 4 Block M met the same fate, as did plot number 12A Block F in Lahore.

In addition to demolitions, the LDA sealed seven properties found to be non-compliant with urban development standards. Notable among the sealed properties were plot number 227 Block A in UET Society, plot numbers 73 Block A2 and 72 Block D2 in Wapda Town, and plot number 36 Block A3 in IEP Town. Similarly, plot numbers 302 Block L, 197 Block L, 306, and 307 Block L in Johar Town were also subjected to sealing measures.

Before the enforcement actions, formal notices were issued to the owners of the affected properties, providing them with an opportunity to address the violations.

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Sher Alam