Franchises Reject The Idea Of Holding PSL 10 Alongside IPL Next Year

Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises are not in favor of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) proposal of conducting the tenth edition of the league in the same window as the 2025, Indian Premier League (IPL) season.

PCB is making the adjustment in the schedule of PSL that takes place from mid-February to mid-March due to the ICC Champions Trophy that will be held in Pakistan next year in February-March over two weeks.

However, during a crucial PSL Cricket Committee meeting on Tuesday, PSL franchises voiced their concerns to the PCB, vehemently opposing higher pay for marquee players. Franchise representatives argued that increasing payments to top-tier international stars could trigger a ripple effect, with local players subsequently demanding salary hikes.

The franchises’ stance is rooted in a desire to maintain financial stability and avoid budget inflation. Franchise owners believe that paying marquee players more money will not be sustainable for the franchises.

PCB had proposed an April 7 to May 20 window for the PSL 2025, due to the Champions Trophy in Pakistan next year while the idea of introducing impact players and bat toss instead of the coin toss was also discussed, however, the franchises did not approve such innovations.

Neutral venues in England for the PSL Playoffs of season 10 were also discussed in the meeting of the PSL Cricket Committee with PCB officials.

Further negotiations are expected as both parties seek a resolution for the dates of next season. PSL Governing Council meeting will be held towards the end of May 2024. During the meeting, changes to playing conditions will also be approved.

The outcome will likely have significant implications for the PSL’s operational strategies and its ability to draw star players in future seasons.

Published by
Shayan Obaid Alexander