Govt is Ending Solar Net Metering Next Month

The federal government has decided to end solar net metering and replace it with a gross metering system to discourage solar use and to force consumers to switch back to drastically unaffordable grid electricity.

The Ministry of Energy has informed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that net metering is eating away at the revenues of distribution companies (DISCOs). Gross metering will require consumers to sell all their rooftop-generated electricity to the grid and then buy back what they need, reported Express Tribune.

The government’s ploy to enforce gross metering next fiscal year is in response to the increasing number of households switching to solar energy to escape expensive grid electricity which, with additional charges, costs around Rs. 62 per unit.

The energy ministry tried to explain to the lender that adopting solar panels has hurt grid electricity demand and increased idle capacity payments and quarterly tariff adjustments. In the first ten months of the current fiscal year, 6,800 MW worth of solar panels were imported.

The IMF viewed idle capacity payments as a major factor in rising electricity costs and recommended reviewing the captive power generation policy, which allows industrialists to use cheaper gas for in-house electricity. The government may discontinue this captive gas policy next month and force industries to rely on more expensive grid electricity.

  • What a country are we! No coherent and clear policy…. On one hand government encourages use of solar energy and after some time the same government discourages solar energy use… General public has once again befooled while the ever cunning mafias emerge victorious yet another time…. Lust knows no ethics, Unfortunately…

    • Kuch nhi ho skta Inka.
      Crroption ka sub se strong or bara Rasta Hai wapda awam ka khoon choosny ka pipe Hai yeh

    • We r living in foolish paradise. First CNG was allowed as Commercial now it is limited to use. Resultantly high cost. The same is with Solar. I think this country will not get progress unless right decision is taken. We r not adding values. Debt is required to pay debts.

    • This is the last tenure of PMLN. They are finished afterwards. They are nothing without the support of Army. Shahbaz Sharif will destroy whole party just for the sake of his PM seat. RIP PMLN.

    • Thanks to napak bouj. They are the main culprit behind the destruction of this country

    • Main issue is the storage of such renewable energy. Because it is very expensive and cost lot of money.

  • Bewakoof to nahi hogaye hain ye log, aik taraf net metering band kar rahay hain, doosri taraf non filers ki sims block karne ki baten kar rahay hain, kabhi kehte hain k non filers k meter kaat denge. Jo karne walay kaam hain wo karne nahi, bas faltu ki cheezen karwa lo in logon se!! Really bunch of idiots!!!

  • Government must encourange people those are generating their own electricity. Discouraging solar energy for thr sake of people buy more expensive grid electricity is pathetic. How on earth these people not encourage solar energy and electric cars to get rid of oil import worth billion every month.

  • Why don’t these morons ban on use of Vigos used by 17- 18 grade Assistant Commioners/ Deputy Commioners.

    • IMF should force them to reduce Ayashis of govt officials both civil and millitary. Economy will stabilise then. Rasculous steps like discouraging solar would result in more hatred for the govt.

  • پاکستان تو بڑی محنت سے ان حکمرانوں نے خراب کیا ہے اب اس ملک کا درست سمت میں چلنا نا ممکن ہے اللہ سے دعا ہے کہ اس ملک پر اپنا کرم فرمائے

  • Zardari and Sharif buy most expensive electricity buy taking commission, now every household is paying the price, rich or poor, for their corruption. Our industry did not remain competitive because of this, so loss of jobs and reduce export resulting in more dollar shortage, more fall in rupee VS dollars, resulting in more inflation. We get cough up in vicious cycle. Our generals are supporting them and they demand respect from us? What a shame

  • This country is in the hands of mafias .Masses are living in jhanum created by these Haram khors .May be this is the last time where peoples anger 😠 over throw every thing .
    Let it go like this so as to move to some bloodshed …… To end up daily deaths of poor people…

  • Where we are going as a nation? No where in the world is God given energy taxed. Why are the users of natural energy who are providing cheap energy to Wapda, being forced to pay for DISCOs where stupid contracts were made by unscrupulous people and poor users are made to pay, God knows for how long.

  • Rather than shutting off the inefficient thermal plants, they move to screw the people of Pakistan. On one hand they are signing MoUs with China for Solar power. On the other hand they are screwing the people who are installing Solar. What a country

  • It means solar users will be penalised to pay the IPP for capacity payment.Poor energy policies are to burry the awaam.pity

  • Ppl are preaching that government should allow ppl to use solar energy…I think gov why not held talks with ipps to reduce or reverse foolish agreements make in early 90s. Really pathetic to grasp some commission or profit these ppl murdered our economy and industries with such high electricity costs…

  • Instead of encouraging people to use solar power, government is discouraging net metering system is not at all a good decision. Government should review their unpopular and short-term policies.

    Increased Costs for Solar Users:
    Reduced Adoption of Solar Energy:
    Increased Revenue for Distribution Companies (DISCOs):
    Higher Electricity Bills for Consumers:
    Decreased Demand for Solar Panels:
    Potential Increase in Grid Stability Issues:
    Reduced adoption of solar energy could lead to higher reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions and negative environmental impacts.
    Higher electricity bills could lead to decreased disposable income for households, affecting their spending on other goods and services and potentially slowing economic growth.
    The policy could lead to public discontent and political backlash against the government, especially from those who invested in solar energy based on previous incentives.
    Reduced investment and interest in renewable energy technologies may hinder innovation and technological advancements in the sector, affecting long-term sustainability goals.
    The government may face increased pressure to provide subsidies or financial assistance to households struggling with high electricity costs, impacting the national budget and economic stability.
    The policy could affect international relations, particularly with countries and organizations promoting renewable energy investments in Pakistan.
    The shift away from solar energy may require a reevaluation of Pakistan’s long-term energy strategy, considering the global push towards renewable energy sources.
    These consequences illustrate the wide-ranging impact of the policy change, affecting not only the energy sector but also the broader economy, environment, and society.

  • The suggested policy will creat unrest in the society. People will go all out against est. New policy will have negative impact on exports. No one can forces citizens to sell electricity produced through solar to sell at low price and purchase the same from govt at high rate.

  • Sab se baray laanti woh hain jo pindi mei bethay hain aur is tolay ko laaye hain. vote chori kar ke. kahan gaya woh ganja/NS jo kehta th ke us ne mulk ki bijli poori kar ke karnama anjaam diya hai. ab wohi IPP awam ke galay par gaye hain. jo bijli banaye ya na banayen lekin awam se payment leti rahein gi.

  • IMF will leave no stone unturned for our economic & financial collapse… great success story for those who took our necks back into IMF’s fist

  • This government wants to suck the blood of people. Pakistan stands nowhere in this world because of its corrupt leaders.

  • We are living in banana Republic of Pakistan, Country of powerful mafias and Estb. No policy of this Govt is people friendly. First they make IPP agreements with handsome kick backs. Now they don’t have money for payment to IPPs ,without payments they can’t get kick back,
    The main issue is kick backs of politions & burcracy.
    This is the main reason they are imposing tax on solar system & discouraging installation of solar systems .

  • Instead of doing this ,start colecting tax from corrupt politicians,beaurucrats,industrialists and the ones who are not paying a single penny as tax. Remove the free facilities to wapda,army and other sectors. Encourag agriculture ,discourage new socities which are badely affecting our country’ s economy. I am a salaried person ,giving 20k Rs monthly tax but when it comes to any insentive ,its zero.i installed 5kw solar from my hard earend money,paid for net meetring and now all this happening.This country is a hell for lower middle class .

  • Govt is in reverse gear on this matter. Since net metering is a contract with the govt it will be a breach of contract enforceable by law. Gross metering will prove to be counter productive, people will shift to hybrid systems or use solar energy during the day and wapda during the night. Low income groups are now using solar with 12 volt appliances, at night the 12 volt appliances i.e fans, coolers and lights are used with power supplies which reduces their energy consumption considerably. The only workable option for govt is to revise IPP contracts.

  • Developed countries give rebates and benefits to citizens that install solar. Here they are literally discouraging citizens. The country is headed in the lumber one direction.

  • This will be the most stupid and cruel act by this corrupt and inefficient govt. They want to punish peo0le for generating and using clean energy. Shame on them.

  • The ultra rich and those in power plus establishment are all stake holders in IPPs who are sucking blood of people first on costly electricity and secondly on capacity charges. This country is only for mafias and not normal people…

  • Typical of Pakistani governance.Nothing is consistent. You never know what is in the pipe line. Surprise is the weapon of our governance. No wonder Pakistanis are not on eating in the country.
    Recent un rest in Kirgysyan has also highlighted that Pakistanis have invested in that country by opening medical colleges and Pakistani go their to learn medicine. Similar investment can also be made in Pakistan to educate fellow country men to tech medicine.

  • This is unfair and unjust decision of the Federal Government. Why should anyone buy expensive electricity from the grid when someone can afford to install solar panels. Just because federal government and the influential people in power made agreements with IPP,s who are being paid by their capacity and not on actual supply. This would be a blatent injustice with the ordinary people to continue enriching those who have already much bigger share of the resources of this poor country.

  • Instead of using renewables like solar to generate distributed energy and provide power with lower line losses and distribution costs, the corrupt geniuses come up with novel ways to rob the public. There’s also a narrative pushed that solar benefits the elite – yes the 0.8pc contribution to overall power generation comes from people who can afford to buy solar panels, but they are small fish compared to IPP owners who use bank loans and govt subsidies to put up plants and then receive guaranteed capacity payments of billions. While all our neighboring countries are rolling out mega schemes to adopt solar and wind, we take another step back to destroy our future generations.

  • No one voiced any objections to the questionable strategy concerning the net metering or solar panels.

  • No one will do anything
    Government getting nice ransom from them that’s why do , what they say

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