Jinnah Hospital Opens Heatstroke Ward Amid Predicted Heatwave

Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital has established a central heatstroke ward in response to predicted heatwave conditions.

“An emergency center with 20 additional beds has been set up,” said Executive Director of Jinnah Hospital, Dr. Shahid Rasul. “Doctors and paramedics will be stationed at the heatstroke center.”

The hospital’s top official also noted that heatstroke patients have been reported at the emergency department. He advised citizens to drink plenty of water and avoid going outside during peak heat hours.

The Meteorological Office recently indicated that high pressure in the upper atmosphere is likely to cause heatwave conditions across most parts of the country, particularly in Punjab and Sindh, from May 21st, escalating to a severe heatwave from May 23rd to 27th. Daytime temperatures are expected to be 4 to 6°C above normal in Sindh and Punjab from May 21st to 23rd, and 6 to 8°C above normal from May 23rd to 27th.

Additionally, temperatures are expected to be 4 to 6°C above normal in Islamabad, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Balochistan from May 21st to 27th. The Met Office also mentioned that a shallow westerly wave is likely to affect the upper parts of the country from May 16th to 19th.

Published by
Rija Sohaib