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PUBG is Getting Race Cars Thanks to New Collab

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) is getting race cars in a new update thanks to a collaboration with American car manufacturer Shelby Super Cars (SSC) North America. Thanks to this partnership, PUBG Mobile now has two SSC supercars the Tuatara and Tuatara Striker.

The Tuatara is known for being one of the fastest cars on the planet with speeds that go higher than a whopping 500 km/h. Meanwhile, its sibling, the Tautara Striker is known for its versatility and futuristic design. Both of these supercars will be playable in PUBG Mobile until July 9th. There will be a variety of colors to choose from including Rose Phantom and Sky Crane for the Tuatara, and Dawn’s Edge and Blue Nightscape for the Tuatara Striker.

These aren’t simply car skins for vehicles you already have in PUBG, but actual race cars you can drive at blazing fast speeds. Not exactly at 500 km/h, but still. Either way, gamers should be able to harness the power of these cars’ turbocharged V8 engines.

Players can now make the most of these blazing-fast cars thanks to PUBG’s new 120 FPS mode, allowing you to play the game smoother than ever, at least on flagship phones. Premium smartphones can typically run the game at 120 FPS and are also paired with 120Hz refresh rate screens to deliver a smooth, buttery experience.

Overwatch 2 x Porsche

This PUBG collab with SSC follows closely after Overwatch 2 made a similar announcement with German automaker Porshe, one of the most recognizable names in the auto industry. As part of the partnership, two Overwatch characters in the game get Porsche-themed skins: Pharah and 

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