Govt Enforces Essential Services Act At PIA to Ensure Operational Continuity

The government has invoked the Pakistan Essential Services (Maintenance) Act, 1952 for the next six months at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to allow it to discipline employees who defy orders.

This step, ordered by the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday, aims to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the airline.

It allows the airline to penalize employees who fail to follow lawful instructions, incite others to disobey, abandon their jobs without valid reasons, skip work, refuse duties, or leave assigned areas without authorization.

Offenders may face up to one year in prison and fines.

It bears mentioning that PIA announced in March that it had restructured its board of directors and approved the federal government’s plan to sell its shares to a top buyer.

On May 16, Federal Minister for Board of Investment, Privatization and Communications Abdul Aleem Khan said that the government has decided to privatize 24 institutions, of which PIA is at the top while the privatization of PIA will be shown live on TV, as well.

So far, around 10 bidders have emerged as key contenders to purchase the national flag carrier.

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  • Please share a news that what good PIA Holding Company is going to do for it’s share holders. Why share holders are being punished. They are being punished for their loyalty? There is high selling pressure and no good news from PIAHCLA. How many shares of new Privatized Aviation business will be retained by PIAHLCA and what will be it’s good effect?

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