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Xbox Series X Gets Disc-Less Version in White Color

Microsoft has officially announced a white version of the Xbox Series X, which is all-digital lacking a disc drive, but will maintain the same internal specifications and performance as the existing Xbox Series X, similar to the PS5 Digital Edition. It will offer 1 TB of storage and is set to be available later this year for $449.99.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Xbox President Sarah Bond introduced the new white Xbox Series X, along with a 2 TB “Galaxy Black” version of the original Xbox Series X. Additionally, a white 1 TB Xbox Series S will also be released, priced at $349.99.

The new Xbox Series X features a “robot white” finish, similar to that of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s smaller console priced at $299. There were speculations based on leaks that the white Xbox Series X might include an enhanced heatsink for better cooling, but confirmation on this will likely depend on future teardowns.

Additionally, Microsoft will release a special edition “Galaxy Black” Xbox Series X, which includes a disc drive and will be available for $599.99 later this year.

Xbox hardware chief Roanna Sones said in a blog post:

This new special edition Xbox Series X delivers the same speed, performance and features of Xbox Series X, but with twice the storage and a unique design.

This launch could mean that Microsoft has canceled or delayed the revamped Xbox Series X model, referenced in last year’s FTC v. Microsoft documents.

Previously undisclosed and codenamed “Brooklin,” this refreshed Xbox Series X model was noted for its more cylindrical shape compared to the current version and was planned to be exclusively digital without a disc drive.

Internal Microsoft documents described the Brooklin console as “adorably all digital.” It was also expected to be released with a new controller and enhanced Xbox Wireless 2 connectivity. Microsoft had tentatively set a launch date for this model in November, with a proposed price of $499.

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