Budget 2024-25: Federal Revenues and Expenditures in Numbers

The federal government today announced its Rs. 18.6 trillion federal budget for 2024-25, against a total of Rs. 12.97 trillion in expected revenue in taxes.

According to details attained by ProPakistani, the government is set to receive a total of Rs. 12.97 trillion in taxes, while another Rs. 4.84 trillion in non-tax revenues.

According to numbers, total tax and non-tax revenues for the federal government will stand at Rs. 17.82 trillion, out of which Rs. 7.44 trillion will go to provinces; leaving the federal government with a fund of Rs. 10.37 billion for its expenses during 2024-25.

The government is set to cover the budget deficit of Rs. 8.5 trillion through following:

  • Non-Banking Borrowing: Rs. 2.67 trillion
  • Net External Receipts: Rs. 666 billion
  • Bank Borrowing: Rs. 5.14 trillion
  • Privatization of government-owned entities: Rs. 30 billion

As for the expenditures, below are going to be the estimated expenditures for the federal government during the fiscal year 2024-25

  • Interest Payments: Rs. 9.77 trillion
  • Pensions: Rs. 1.01 trillion
  • Grants to Provinces and Subsidies: Rs. 2.12 trillion
  • Defense: Rs. 2.12 trillion
  • Running of the government: Rs. 839 billion
  • Allocation for emergencies: Rs. 313 billion
  • Federal PSDP: Rs. 1.4 trillion
  • Lending: Rs. 274 billion

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Published by
Jehangir Nasir