14,000 Schools Lack Drinking Water Facilities in Sindh

Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah has disclosed that 14,000 schools in the province lack drinking water facilities, and 38 primary schools in Karachi do not have washroom facilities.

Speaking at the Sindh Assembly session on Wednesday, Shah noted the challenge of maintaining school infrastructure, mentioning that solar panels installed in schools are often stolen within days.

During the session, opposition leader Ali Khursheedi emphasized the non-partisan nature of education issues, expressing willingness to cooperate fully to improve the situation.

The session, chaired by Jameel Soomro, began 30 minutes late and saw the passage of the Gorakh Hill Amendment Bill.

A significant portion of the proceedings involved a heated debate on gas load shedding in Sindh, with members also raising concerns about the water shortage in Karachi through an attention notice.

During the Sindh Assembly proceedings, Senior Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon highlighted the government’s commitment to improving transportation for Karachi residents. He announced the launch of the People’s Bus Service in Manghopir, adding that the government plans to operate buses in every area of Sindh.

“We have initiated some new routes and expanded the routes for EV buses,” Memon said. He also acknowledged the current economic challenges, stating, “There is an inflation storm in the country.”

Published by
Arsalan Khattak