CM Maryam Nawaz Orders Biometric Attendance for Doctors

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has mandated the installation of biometric machines in hospitals to ensure the attendance of doctors, medical staff, and nurses. Presiding over a meeting on Wednesday, she emphasized that hospital administrations should actively manage their facilities rather than remain confined to their offices.

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The chief minister ordered the strict implementation of monitoring measures using modern technology, including the geo-tagging of drug stores and medicine shops. “Presence of doctors and medical staff in every public sector hospital should be ensured. We have decided to impose fines, imprisonment, and closure of businesses involved in selling fake, substandard, and spurious medicines,” she stated.

In a bid to enhance healthcare services, Maryam Nawaz approved a program aimed at improving mother and child health and emergency facilities in government hospitals across Punjab. “Supply of all emergency treatment medicines and life-saving equipment should be made a top priority,” she instructed.

Addressing the recent tragic incident where eight newborns died in a fire at Sahiwal Teaching Hospital, the chief minister said, “We all are responsible for this and we must be answerable.” She formed a three-member committee headed by provincial government adviser Azhar Kayani to investigate the matter. “After determining responsibility, those involved should be put behind bars,” she asserted.

Maryam Nawaz also directed the authorities to address weaknesses in the vaccination campaign and approved an increase in the number of field hospitals to 105. She ordered the implementation of this scheme in all tehsils of the province, ensuring better healthcare accessibility for residents.

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  • Whenever the government show efficiency they put all pressure on teachers and doctors because a week sigment where as other powerful government employees who play in money by corruption are ignored.

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