Pakistan Is The Most Financially Attractive IT Outsourcing Destination in the World: Report

Pakistan is the most financially attractive IT&ITeS outsourcing destination in the world, the Economic Survey 2023-24 revealed last week.

According to Kearney’s 2023 Global Services Location Index, Pakistan is the most financially attractive IT&ITeS outsourcing destination in the world. The development of Pakistan’s ICT sector can be gauged from the fact that over 20,000 IT&ITeS companies are registered with the SECP, comprising both domestic and export-oriented enterprises.

During FY 2024 (July-March), ICT sector exports reached $2.283 billion, the highest among all Services (39.31 percent of the total export of services), with ‘Other Business Services’ trailing at US $ 1.205 billion. Pakistan-based freelancers contributed foreign exchange earnings to the economy through remittances of $350.15 million during FY 2024 (July-March).

PSEB launched its first-ever women’s software technology park at the Women’s University of Bagh AJK during FY 2024. Till 31st March, 2024, the NICs have incubated over 1,480 startups, with more than 710 graduated successfully, generating over 128,000 jobs, receiving a total investment of Rs. 23 billion plus and generating a combined revenue of more than Rs. 16 billion. Over 2,800 women entrepreneurs have been empowered through the program.

During FY 2024 (July-March), the telecom sector showed resilience, expanding its services, and generating telecom revenues estimated at Rs. 735 billion. As of March 2024, total telecom subscriptions (Mobile and Fixed) reached 194 million, with the total teledensity in the country reaching 80.7 percent. During FY 2024 (July-March), the telecom sector contributed Rs. 213 billion directly to the GDP.

Information Technology and telecom enable digital transformation in sectors like finance, healthcare, education, agriculture and government services, leading to improved service delivery, greater accessibility, and efficiency gains, thereby driving economic development.

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  • Highest internet censorship
    Frequent internet shutdowns

    And IT in pakistan stands for call centers . We dont produce any technology. Who are u trying to fool ?.

  • If Pakistani is the most attractive outsourcing IT and IT related services in the world, let’s encash it. Let’s make further.progress and don’t get stale on this work . Trained and develop human resource, marketing and working. Don’t lose this edge just like as we lost in textile despite of largest cotton producer in the world.

    • How is IT and human resources related ?

      Technology is produced such as computers, vehicles, machines, softwares , computer Chips etc .

      None are produced here .

      Which IT do u mean ?

  • This article is not a piece of ‘information’ but ‘disinformation’. I do not know the agency which is trying to paint a rosy picture about Pakistan’s I&T and what exactly it wants to convey unless that agency means that Pakistan’s I&T services are the ‘cheapest’ to outsource. What I know for sure is that half of the time there is either no electricity or there are serious power disruptions, then in 24 hours the internet works half of the time and that too with the speed of a lame duck (I am talking of Islamabad, not Thar desert), and as regards our standard of education and the general literacy rate, everyone knows the reality. This disinformation campaign is released at the backing of powers that be to justify the establishment of SIFC and it’s so-called great performance. Just making a fool of the people, nothing more.

    • A group led by Jewish lobby is bent to destroy Pakistan. SiFC under Asim Muneer is Ray of hope

      • Can you identify any country of the world which has been developed under the leadership of establishment.

        • 5 actually


          By establishment you mean govt .

          But none had incompetent people like we do.

      • Asim muneer? What’s armed forces head got to do with informational technology ?

        Is this a bot comment ?

    • If you have nothing good to say…its better to hold back your sentiments. Industry is performing well and that is nothing to do SIFC or any other interfrence. There is solution to all the issues you have raised. Comments like these keep new customers away. Thank you your understanding.

      • “If you have nothing good to say” is an excuse u give when u know u are losing

        Truth is not pretty or good . Truth is bitter.

        Industry such as ?

        Which industry? Call centers ? Scam centers ? Unfair labour practices ?

        That’s not information technology. That’s call centers and they are everywhere.

    • I think you are out of your mind while writing a comment. The article talks mainly about the freelancing output revenue. Pakistani freelancers have generated most revenue in freelancing from American client which makes it worlds biggest outsourcing country.

      • That’s called call center not IT.

        No it isnt biggest.

        1 India
        2. Phillipines
        3. Usa itself
        4. South Africa

        Pakistan is not even in top 10 .

  • Actually it became our ill mentality that foreign survey reports are always right. Same servile writing style without any ground realities can be seen in this article.

  • The biggest joke of 2024 like in our area there is 10 hours load shedding and almost every day internet is down we are trying our best to keep our phone charge and you are telling me that our IT is growing without internet and electricity

    • Electricity is big problem it stops my router instantly and then I have to wait. Also there is no schedule it randomly stops so at least i can tell my client. Also internet speed some time slows down i have lag in hearing my client.

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