Balochistan Unveils Rs. 930 Billion Budget 2024-25

Balochistan Provincial Finance Minister Mir Shoaib Nosherwani Friday presented the province’s budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 with a total outlay of Rs. 930 billion, with Rs. 25 billion surplus.

The minister, while presenting the budget, said Rs. 609 billion has been allocated for non-development expenditures while Rs. 321 billion for developmental expenses.

He said that Rs. 146.9 billion has been earmarked for the education sector, while Rs. 20 billion for health.

The finance minister said Rs. 23.8 billion has been placed for the development of the agriculture sector while over Rs. 1 billion for food security.

The minister also announced an increase of 25 percent in salaries of government employees from Grades 1 to 16, and 22 percent for Grades 17 to 22. He also announced a 15 percent increase in pension.


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