Govt Crackdown Against Dealers is Creating Shortage in Market: LPG Association

The All Punjab LPG Distributors Association said that the government’s recent crackdown against the LPG market has led to the closure of numerous LPG shops and caused a backlash from shopkeepers and consumers alike.

In a letter to Deputy Commissioner Lahore, the association has voiced strong opposition to the crackdown, labeling it as “unacceptable” and accusing the government of committing an “economic murder” of thousands of LPG shopkeepers. The association has called on Chief Minister Punjab to intervene and halt the crackdown immediately.

According to the association, the shutdown of LPG shops has created a shortage of LPG in the market, leading to increased black marketing of the fuel. This situation poses a significant risk, with the potential for major accidents due to unsafe storage and handling practices.

The association said last week’s crackdown has primarily targeted shops operating without proper licenses or those not adhering to safety regulations. However, shopkeepers argue that the enforcement measures are too harsh and have left many without a livelihood.

The public, particularly the economically disadvantaged, has also been adversely affected, as LPG is a primary source of cooking fuel for many households. The scarcity and inflated prices due to black marketing have made it difficult for these families to afford essential fuel.

The letter highlighted a need for a balanced approach that ensures regulatory compliance while protecting the livelihoods of small business owners and ensuring fuel accessibility for the public.

The letter further called for an urgent meeting of LPG Marketing Companies and LPG Distributors’ Association, and also urged the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority to help prevent the disruption of LPG supply in Lahore.

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