Federal Cabinet Approves Rs. 5.72 Per Unit Hike in NEPRA Base Tariff on IMF Demand

The federal cabinet has approved a hike in the base electricity tariff, effective from July 1, 2024.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) had submitted a proposal for an increase of Rs. 5.72 per unit.

The regulator had proposed increasing the average basic electricity tariff from Rs. 29.78 to Rs. 35.50 per unit.

Following NEPRA’s approval, the federal government will issue a notification to implement the new rates.

It should be mentioned here that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked Pakistan to increase the electricity tariff by Rs. 5 per unit before July 10, 2024, to get a new program. The lender has set electricity and gas price hikes as prior actions for the new program, so an increase in electricity prices is very much likely.

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  • How many units of electricity are reduced for any government and military officer?. How many government offices will stop using air-conditioners from now on?. How much line losses are controlled so far?. How many IPP agreements are renegotiated to reduce capacity charges?.

    Truth is that this incompetent government only knows how to snatch all money from ordinary Pakistanis only. They are not interested in doing their job actually.

  • Why is the Government trying so hard to get the loan to survive another few moments?
    We should just declare globally about the ground realities i.e. we have defaulted !

    • Bcz we didn’t default. They just want to maje sure they are secure while others aren’t .

      Country is not bankrupt. It’s leadership is

    • Because then Pakistan will need to restructure our whole policy like India did after they “defaulted” in 1990. Too many people’s pockets depend on the system we currently have today.

  • What a country . They are still back to their old tricks.

    Instead of taking those in power and those sectors and bureaucrats and leaders and those with extreme affluence. They are taxing those that have almost no income .

    They still think that will work .

    • Good point. Of course, why would they change anything? If it works, they will continue.

      India was in this situation in 1990, they evolved out of it. But our leaders, learned how to double down on bad policy instead of learning from the world.

    • IMF is not the problem. The problem is our leadership who will continue to shift blame and our public who are too selfish to care about Pakistan’s future.

    • IMF as well as WB are yet another tools of International Establishment for ” Managed Instability” in Pakistan as commented by brother Sauood…

    • IMF isn’t making these decisions. Our government is. The government is just using IMF as a scapegoat as always.

  • The government should own up to the fact that they are responsible instead of saying the IMF made us do it. Instead, they should be saying that we had to do it to repay loans and get new lines.

  • If our Govt., is maki g decisions on IMF directions, why not we give Govt., to IMF, to run our Country. As all isvon IMF intructions. Does IMF says to put all the burden on Middle and Poor Class, instead of Ellite Class, and why not it say, to take over all benefits(Free Vehicles/Electricity/Petrol/Servants etc)given to Most Government Servants. Why Not to deccrease the Number of Ministries/Ministers/Secretaries), also, so much amount May be safe, to run the Pakistan. The inflation, is once again increasing after Budget, due to heavy taxes, to be ultimately borne by General Public, specially on Govt and Private Service Employees, the Govt, increases the Salaries, but what about Private Sector Employee, will be get such increase in his Monthly Salary. Milk / Medicines and other Commodity prices immediately increased, Friuts and Vegetables also. All is because of Increase in Electricity bills, mostly, false bills and thus increase in Peteol prices, which directly effects the Inflation, which leads to unfamiliar behaviour of the people living in the country and ultimately destroy the peace.

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