IESCO to Replace Existing Electricity Meters With New Ones

Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has decided to replace all old meters with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meters by 2030.

This upgrade will ensure accurate meter readings and billing, prevent power theft, and reduce load-shedding across its six service areas.

IESCO CEO Dr. Muhammad Amjad shared the details with the media, revealing that the company serves around 3.8 million consumers. “All connections will be replaced with AMI meters by 2030,” he said.

The first phase will see 1.2 million connections in Rawalpindi Cantt Circle, Rawalpindi City Circle, and Taxila being replaced with AMI meters.

Dr. Amjad added that over 42,000 AMI meters have already been installed in various parts of Rawalpindi. The initial phase, which will be completed by June 2026, involves the installation of 1.2 million meters.

Two contractors have been hired to install approximately 2,000 AMI meters daily in the specified circles. The CEO explained that the AMI system would help reduce power theft by continuously monitoring electricity meters.

This technology will also lower power sector losses, improve billing accuracy, enhance recovery rates, control load-shedding, and resolve consumer complaints about incorrect or over-billing.

Moreover, the AMI system will eliminate the need for manual meter readings, leading to better customer support, more accurate measurements, and improved billing.

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  • Old story copy pasted from another news website from propakistani😁😜😄😀😬☺️😎

  • The government and it’s various departments have decided to torture the people and extract as much money from them as possible so that ‘Muft Khoras’ can continue with their luxuries for ever. According to IESCO CEO, the present meters are faulty, they do not show accurate readings and theft is committed through such meters. Yes, the meters are faulty, these run faster, and meter readings by IESCO staff are inaccurate so that consumers pay more and WAPDA employees can enjoy free units. However, how can electricity theft be stopped when power is obtained directly from the poles? Rather than correcting the existing system, they are experimenting on new ones just for their own benefit. I challenge Power Division to refute my points.

    • 100% agree with the theft being done directly from transmission lines and sometimes even from high voltage lines or even directly outside of grid station but let’s just say they do actually install ami meters all over Pakistan then that’ll be actually helping and will be better because we can’t keep using old technology meters we need to upgrade our infrastructure from a to z when it comes to power production and electricity supply👍🏻👍🏻

    • i believe the power theft part is theoratically correct. The concept is that these meters will provide real time usage, that is the grid station will know exactly how much electricity is sent to a particular area, and how much of it went through the legal meters. Now its upto there intentions whether they want to go and identify theft, which i am sure they already are aware of. Not just theft, but line losses also. Current meters do not provide real time monitoring.

  • Govt imported these meters from China and put burden on people of Pakistan. July bills will also b very high. Aug onward normal.

  • In new meters, provide a wifi setup and it should be connected to a centralized tower or system to avoid any manual meter billing.

  • Hired two contractors who take money from consumers, half of which goes directly in someone pocket…

  • Will AMI meters help red,use metering staff because these will be monitorable from central control room.can IESCO give estimate if power theft reduction by the use of AMI meteres.

  • sie mazrat k sath theft main wapda ky mulazim directly involve hain aam banda bijli chori ka saochta b nahi ha..bijli chori b 1 khas tabqa hi karta ha..lehza wapda employee pr nazar rakhain wo chori chakari main help na karain

  • yes you are right Wapda employes are involved in theft, they fixed monthly with the consumers and thats how its going.
    i know a colony in islamabad i-9 sector where 500 plus houses are using electricity illegally without connections just paying monthly to wapda officials and we people are paying additional and extra charges to government.

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